6 Rides That Should Definitely Be at Super Nintendo World

We hope to step inside some of these games!

Mario Kart

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If the rumors are anything to go by, this is one ride that might just happen, and Mario Kart would be the perfect backdrop for a roller-coaster. Universal filed a patent for several ride designs and Mario Kart could be one of them. This would be a great move by Universal. Multiple coaster tracks can be laid out side-by-side, as the coasters will race each other down the tracks.

The thrill of being inside of Mario-themed cars would be fun enough, but it would be great if they could implement the real fun of Mario Kart: the weapons. Each car could be equipped with a button. When riders push the button, the car next to you spins out of control due to that banana peel you just dropped in front of them. The cars will freely rotate above the wheels, in a similar manner to the X2 coaster in Six Flags Magic Mountain or the Men in Black ride that already exists in Universal Studios.

There are several racing tracks that would be exciting to experience in real life, but Rainbow Road would definitely make this roller-coaster stand apart from other coasters around the world. Imagine that Universal Studios is closing for the night, but you just can’t help but ride Mario Kart one last time as you stare in awe of Rainbow Road glowing in the nightlight.

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The Legend of Zelda

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The Legend of Zelda has plenty of action and adventure to make for a fun ride. Zelda could be similar to the Harry Potter and Spiderman rides, which run on KUKA robocoaster technology that already reside in Universal Studios. This is a dark ride simulator that whisks you from room to room as you stare at the action unfolding on the towering screens above you.

The simulator vehicle will blow wind in your face as you gallop through the fields, as well as rumble and shake with each step that Gannon takes toward you in the climactic fight.

The 3D glasses would toss you right into the action as you help Link save Hyrule from the clutches of evil. The line queue alone would make this ride an adventure worth taking as you literally step inside of Hyrule castle.


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Pokemon Go was a nice step in the right direction, but imagine a Pokemon hunting course in Universal Studios? It would be a dream come true for many fans to be able to step inside of stores to purchase Pokeballs, then head outside armed with a pair of augmented reality goggles and be the very best trainer of them all! Universal Studios has the technological advancements to make this attraction truly come to life.

The trainer who caught the most Pokemon that day could be given a special badge at the end of the day. Also, by giving the attraction employees your email address, any Pokemon caught on this excursion can be viewed later from your home. Special events, such as the annual anniversary of Universal Studios, would be a fun way of adding a legendary Pokemon for a limited time. Pokemon might just be the engaging break people will need after the other thrill rides.

Star Fox

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A Star Fox simulator seems too perfect not to happen. Epic space battles? Yes, please. The ride will have you doing barrel roles and zipping around to save the galaxy. The cockpit, located at the front of the room, should feature an animatronic Fox McCloud as he helps to guide you through the battles.

A 4D sensory experience would up the intensity. When laser blasts cut through your ship, the simulator lights up with a warning system as alarms sound off. The room fills up with smoke as your ship is dangerously close to crashing. But, with Fox as your pilot, you can be sure he will find a way to save the day.

Donkey Kong

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Universal Studios loves their 3D attractions. Donkey Kong would be an exciting way to implement that technology into a 3D log flume. Universal and Nintendo will want to stick with popular game properties to appeal to the masses, and Donkey Kong ranks right up there with the best of them. The Donkey Kong franchise is home to many water levels, and has the action to warrant mega-sized 3D screens that surround the riders.

This attraction wouldn’t need to stick to any particular storyline involving our favorite ape characters. Although, if it does, the log flumes could be shaped like a swordfish, modeled after the Coral Capers level in Donkey Kong Country. However, if they decide to go with a new storyline specific to this style of attraction, it would be fun to have to escape a building before the water levels rise too high. This will give the ride a sense of urgency that culminates into a giant plunging slide at the end as riders make their grand escape. The water levels will appear on the giant screens surrounding the riders, as we see Donkey Kong jumping from screen to screen, racing against the clock.


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For those who like to steer clear of thrill rides, Splatoon would be a fun family-oriented attraction. The newest game on this list, but has undoubtedly made a huge splash for Nintendo. Splatoon would be another water-themed ride, but with addition of water guns attached to each pod. Two teams will be formed, the side to squirt the other team the most wins. It’s a bit of a departure from the game in that you are squirting the riders instead of painting the floor with ink, but I have a feeling people wouldn’t want to be covered in colored ink the whole day!

What Nintendo properties do you think would make for great rides at Universal Studios incoming Super Nintendo World? Let us know about your rides in the comments below.

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