10 Video Games That Are Perfect for Drinking Games
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10 Video Games That Make for Perfect Drinking Games

Down to drink and game? These titles are a perfect fit for the job.

There’s nothing like kicking back with friends, opening up some cold ones, and delving into a video game that offers plenty of chances to knock back some drinks. This could be due to regular occurrences and lines delivered by characters, an absurdly high level of challenge that sees you die repeatedly, or any number of other stipulations that mark the opportunity to get some sip. Of the games currently available though, these are our picks for the 10 video games that make for perfect drinking games.

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Kingdom Hearts 3

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3‘s plot structure and writing may be simultaneously convoluted and predictable, but that gives it an excellent base and framework as a drinking game.

Chock full of nefarious plots, villainous speeches and lore dumps, the game gives players plenty of down time they could spend sipping on a hard drink or downing a few cans of their brew of choice.

Every mention of the realm of darkness, the importance of friendship, or of someone dwelling within Sora’s heart would warrant a drink, as would villainous monologues by the Thirteen Darknesses or a Disney villain.

Likewise, a drink could be taken for each boss defeated and world completed, especially since they’re spaced out enough to keep from overwhelming would-be players.

Heck, if players find they’re not drinking enough, they could start taking a drink for every plot point the game glosses over from its Disney source material. (This would however, be reserved for the braver players.)

Devil May Cry 5

Key Art by Capcom

The insanity and over the top nature of Devil May Cry 5 makes it a blast to play both when you’re stone-cold sober and when you’re absolutely schlammered. Not only that, gut it’s incredibly easy to make a drinking game out of.

This is especially true for the main story and its missions. For every time that you or your friends manage to achieve a certain rank, you can take a sip of your drink. Getting killed or defeating a boss would warrant a larger drink or a shot, and clearing a mission in its entirety would be grounds for imbibing even more from your spirits of choice.

For the game’s additional modes like Bloody Palace, the game is even easier to tweak toward facilitating drinking. Each floor or handful of floors cleared, or each specific enemy or boss variant defeated, could count as a drink, and the fast-paced nature of the modes means you and your buddies will be ready for the drunk tank in no time.

Yakuza 0

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku

Yakuza is a much wackier series than its stone-faced characters would have you believe, and as a result is ripe with possibilities for a drinking game.

Of its many entries though, Yakuza 0 would serve as the best option for adaptation into a drinking game, if only because its main story and side missions offer two very different options for drinking games of their own. With the game’s main story, drinks would hinge on the cheesy writing and overblown dramatics. For every double-cross, long-lost family member or evil plot revealed, a drink could be taken, with another taken when Kiryu or Majima reacts with “Nani?!?”

Drinks could also be allotted for every time the main characters contradict their images or drives; namely, when they “incapacitate” an enemy with an explosion or gunshot, clearly killing them despite being against such an act in cutscenes.

As for the side missions, it would rely more on the whacky hijinks Kiryu and Majima can be dragged into. Anytime they meet a stranger individual or are dragged on an adventure largely against their will, players can take a drink. If they end up having to fight their way out of it, another drink can be taken. It won’t be long before every player is good and sloshed, and may even be drunk enough to sing along with the characters for some karaoke performances.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Rockstar Games

To be sure, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a long and meaty game. When certain elements are focused on correctly though, it can provide players with a wealth of opportunities to drink.

If players choose to drink along to some of the game’s main missions, the drinks are easy enough to justify. For every espousing by Dutch of having a plan, or exchange between other characters on doubting or believing in said plan, players take a drink. Players further into the game can also drink for every time Arthur questions the logic of the gang’s actions, but be warned: These drinks will pile up faster and faster the further along one is.

Likewise, for every time a heist goes wrong or ends in a shoot out, another few drinks can be taken along with a celebratory drink once the mission is complete.

Outside of the main missions, there are just as many opportunities to knock a few back. Every unplanned collision with an object while on horseback, every ambush by outlaws and every random encounter can serve as a reason to take a drink. There may be some dry moments here or there, but when players really get into it, they’ll find themselves as tipsy as Arthur is after a bender in the saloon.

Elden Ring

Key Art by From Software and Bandai Namco Entertainment

It goes without saying that From Software’s games would appear on this list, and their most recent release is just as viable as Dark Souls or Demon Souls would be.

The reason why is simple: Elden Ring can and will kill you repeatedly, and these deaths serve as the perfect excuse to down some liquor. Got flattened by a giant while trying to smack it on the ankles? Take a drink. Fell off the edge of a mountain and landed with a splat 10 seconds later? Take a drink. Underestimated a boss and tried to take it on while under-leveled? You bet your sweet bippy you’ll be taking a drink.

As you’ve probably figured out though, this game can make it a bit too easy to become incredibly intoxicated. be sure to factor in some breaks from drinking here or there, or swap out alcoholic drinks for water or soda when appropriate. Drinking games should be about having fun, not making yourself irreparably sick.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Key Art by Capcom

The Resident Evil 2 Remake may not seem like an ideal drinking game at first glance, but that changes completely once you apply the proper rules.

Depending on which campaign players choose to play, the rules vary accordingly. Players who choose Leon’s campaign can drink every time he survives a run-in with a horribly mutated monster, is almost killed or is deceived by another character. Meanwhile, those playing as Claire can take a drink whenever she has to save Sherry Berkin, mentions her brother Chris, or swears at a zombie and/or biological monstrosity.

Likewise, several rules can carry across almost any play through. For every time Claire or Leon fails to save a fellow survivor, players successfully avoid Mr. X, a boss is beaten or players die, a drink can be taken. This, of course, may create a vicious cycle of drinks as players become less and less able to react quickly to incoming zombified threats, but in place of fear there’s sure to be plenty of laughs and good times.

Cyberpunk 2077

Screenshot by Twinfinite via CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 is a vastly different game now than it was at launch, and it’s far more suitable as a drinking game as a result.

Whether you’re exploring the world for fun or engaging in the main story, there’s no shortage of ques you could use to signal a drink or two. Completing quests, or happening upon a fun easter egg, would be perfect for taking larger drinks, while dealing with random attackers or crimes in progress would be perfect for taking smaller swigs from your beverage.

Likewise, taking advantage of the character customization elements would make for an easy way to log some sips. Each time you get a new cyber mod, or switch out the ones you currently have, would be grounds for downing a bit more of your drink. Before you know it, your character will be decked out in new cybernetic equipment and you’ll be good and slizzered.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Screenshot by Twinfinite via From Software

It should come as little surprise that two From Software games made our list of great drinking games, but Sekiro remains too easy to adapt into a drinking game format to pass over.

The rules would be simple: For every true death – meaning a death after using a revive and still failing to overcome the enemy – a drink would be required. This would lead to plenty of drinks for newer players to the game. Plus, thanks to the dulling of players’ reaction time by the alcohol, it would serve to make the game more challenging for more seasoned players.

If this proves too easy for players though, additional drinking requirements could be added on. For every unique enemy or boss killed, or for every set of prayer beads completed, an additional drink could be taken. It’s worth noting, though, that this game would require just as much caution as Elden Ring while playing. It’s all well and good to bash one’s head against a wall to overcome a boss, but if it would lead to dozens upon dozens of drinks, it might be best to play this game dry.

The Quarry

Key Art by Supermassive Games

The Quarry, much like most any other Supermassive Games title, is heavily influenced by horror films and cliches. As a result, it couldn’t be easier to make a drinking game out of a playthrough.

Aside from the easy drink triggers such as a character or monster death, you can also factor in drinks for the aspects that are more specific to the game itself. Finding clues that are related to each other, or causing a shift in the characters’ opinions of each other, are perfect excuses to down some fluids and get more invested in the cheesy plot.

There are also some fun rules you can incorporate when you have multiple people playing. For every action a player takes that negatively impacts another character, or every choice that ends up saving another player’s character, drinks can be assigned out by or for someone. This makes the game not only a challenge of tryin g to help one another survive, but one where playing poorly can still result in some fun for all involved.

The Forgotten City

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Modern Storyteller

It may seem odd to recommend impairing yourself while playing a puzzle game, but The Forgotten City becomes far more fun when you have something to lower you inhibitions.

Testing new ways of interacting with characters, and of potentially unlocking a way of escaping the time loop, is half the fun of the game. This is all the easier to do when you’ve been made a little looser by some hooch, and the more disastrous outcomes become far more entertaining in equal measure.

Better yet is the fact that The Forgotten City is super easy to turn into a drinking game. For every new choice made, or every failed attempt at escaping the city, you can down a drink or two and then hop right back in. You can also add on drinks for every character killed, or every crime committed by other characters that you failed to avert.

Do be warned though: It will become increasingly harder to escape the city with each drink, so we’d recommend saving often should you choose this as your drinking game framework.

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