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10 Reasons Why Skins UK Desperately Needs a Modern Reboot

Skins UK Generation 1 cast

10 Reasons Why Skins UK Desperately Needs a Modern Reboot

Skins UK desperately needs a revival, and here’s 10 reasons why.

Skins UK was one of the most iconic shows of its time, and was well-loved by a wide audience around the world. Unfortunately, Skins ended after a very solid 6 Seasons (7 if you count the spin-off) and left a hole in the hearts of fans that no other show since has quite been able to replace. No matter how many modern shows contain a similar plot, format, and storyline, nothing else has compared to the hilarious, chaotic, heartbreaking journey that is Skins UK. 10 years later from the final Season debut, Skins still holds its own against the big names in modern TV within the same genre, even outshining a number of them with ease.

A complete reboot of Skins, either with new actors playing the old cast of characters we’re all familiar with, or starting fresh with new faces as a continuation of Season 6 in the modern day could be the next best thing in TV. Any continuation or reboot of Skins UK would undoubtedly raise a huge fan following just as the original Skins did. There’s plenty to love about the show that sets it apart from other TV series and makes it so special, so here are 10 reasons why Skins UK desperately needs a modern reboot.

The Intros

Skins UK Generation 2 cast
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Sure, at first glance, this may seem like something minor or insignificant, but the intro/opening credits to Skins are so unique and special. They really do amplify the show’s charm. The music used in each Generation of opening credits somehow mashes qualities of a coming-of-age journey soundtrack with messy house party-like tunes, fitting the Skins theme perfectly.

The intro to each episode is also unique, with the final clip indicating which character the current episode focuses on. This is a nice little touch and helps get you excited to see whose story you’ll be following with each episode.

Seriously, the intro is just too good, getting you excited for the episode to come every time. Especially the iconic little chime as the Skins logo appears at the end. If you can’t remember how it sounds, let us refresh your memory – you can check it out here. Come on, get your daily nostalgia dose in; you know you won’t regret it.

The Parties

The cast of Skins UK at a party
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A massive part of Skins is the parties the characters attend during their time in the show. The parties in Skins have created some of the most memorable moments between characters and chaotic scenes in the entire show. You’ll surely be entertained during these events, as the Skins parties are absolutely wild. After all, seeing the characters have a great time with one another and take a break from their usual priorities as students is always an enjoyable moment.

I mean, who doesn’t remember the aftermath of Michelle’s afterparty in Season 1, when her parents return from their trip and find the house trashed? Watching the gang jump through the windows and run for the hills, covered in a mess and wearing only whatever it was they fell asleep in, will never get old.

Despite being in a panic situation, the group made sure they got out together and ran away laughing despite their trouble. This is a prime example of how the parties in Skins are much more than drinking and loud music. There are always crucial moments when every character comes together in friendship, ensuring nobody is left behind and everyone has a good time – no matter what personal issues they may have going on.

Depth of Characters

Tony and Effy Stonem having breakfast together in Skins UK
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Character writing can make or break a show; this is where Skins hits it out of the park entirely. The characters in Skins are so well-written that none of them feels remotely close to being a copy of the other – including siblings, such as Tony and Effy and the Fitch twins. Every character is unique, interesting, and engaging in their way, and everyone has their struggles and side stories to navigate throughout the overall plot of Skins.

The character writing in Skins is so brilliant that most viewers get through the entire show without major negative feelings towards any one character. This is because even the supposedly ‘bad’ or unlikable characters have so much depth to their personality and actions that they really feel like genuine people. No matter the mistakes a character makes, the personal growth they go through, or the troubles they endure, Skins does a fantastic job of giving viewers a sense of understanding regarding where they’re coming from and why they may be making these choices.

Plus, there’s never really a permanent antagonist. Everyone butts heads now and again, characters are misunderstood, and misinformation gets in the way; but this never stops any cast member from learning on their journey and growing as an individual. Just look at Tony’s character development, for example. He’s funny, he’s intelligent, but he can be one hell of an asshole. However, by the end of his and the other Generation 1 character’s time on Skins, he’s grown and learned to hold more respect for people and accountability for his actions and mistakes.

The Diversity

Maxxie, Sid and Anwar in Skins UK
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Throughout the 3 Generations of Skins, viewers have the chance to get to know and see the story of many different characters from different upbringings, religions, ethnicities, personality traits, cliques, and backgrounds. The importance of this is that at the end of the day, the focus on the show is not on these aspects of a character, but rather the friendship everyone has, and the love and acceptance everyone feels within the group.

Skins does a great job at highlighting the importance of each character’s unique aspects and how this makes them the much-loved individuals they are, such as Anwar’s religion, Thomas’ life as a migrant from overseas, JJ’s autism, and Frankie’s androgyny. in Skins, everyone’s differences and individuality are embraced with open arms, allowing each character to stand tall and be proud of what makes them unique.

This is a really enjoyable aspect of the show, and I can wholeheartedly say that I absolutely adored it when everyone would encourage JJ, letting him jump into his quirky magic tricks, or when they went out of their way to include Thomas in the group. This is part of the deeper beauty within Skins, with each character’s diversity not making them stand out, but instead bringing them all together.

LGBTQ Representation

Emily and Katie Fitch in Skins UK
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Skins also has great LGBTQ representation in each generation, with characters such as Maxxie, Emily, Frankie, and Alex. Skins does a great job with this representation, creating scenarios with these characters as they learn to identify their sexuality that many viewers can relate to. And most importantly, while some modern TV shows tend to make a character’s place in the LGBTQ community the entire focus of their story, Skins does the opposite.

While the importance of these characters’ self-discovery journeys is showcased and given the full attention they deserve, there is also so much more to them than their place in the LGBTQ community. For example, Maxxie learns to walk his own path instead of following in his father’s footsteps, Emily learns to stand up for herself and stop letting Katie use her as a doormat, Frankie learns to embrace her friendships, and Alex learns to find his place among the gang at Roundview College.

Tackling Real-World Issues

Effy Stonem in Skins UK
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Skins is renowned for confronting and showcasing several relatable real-world issues, such as mental health issues, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, homophobia, eating disorders, violence, criminal activity, and more.

Many real-world issues are highly relatable to teenagers, so showcasing them and watching the characters navigate and overcome these struggles draws attention and awareness to the issues without preaching like a campaign. These issues are not downplayed or romanticized but instead portrayed with care, grit, and realism. Watching Cassie struggle with her eating disorder or Effy spiral into a deep depression is heartbreaking and tragic but realistic, normalizing these struggles and reminding viewers that there are people all around them in life that are dealing with the very same things. Skins navigates this and breaks down the issues for a teenage audience with brilliance, using the group’s healthy friendship dynamics to support each character’s struggles. There are even circumstances where characters who wouldn’t usually interact put their differences aside to help one another when going through a rough time, truly making Skins a special show for handling such topics with respect and realism.

The Friendships

JJ, Cook and Freddie in Skins Uk
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Of course, the friendships between each Generation’s group of friends have a rightful place as one of the reasons Skins is so deserving of a modern-day return. In Skins, a unique cast in each season consists of very different characters, all forming a bond and establishing a long-lasting group of friends through mutual connections and interests.

Despite their differences, all friends in Skins truly loved and cared for each other. When someone passed, everyone wept. When someone accomplished something, everyone cheered and partied like never before. When someone needed their spirits lifted or help to work through an issue, the others in the group would work together to find a way to make this happen.

Truthfully, there aren’t many shows in the current day that bring the same authentic, believable feeling of friendship that Skins brings to the screen; that’s keeping all of the character conflicts in mind, too. Skins is entirely unapologetic in the fact that it’s a show about young, silly teenagers just being, well, teenagers. They make plenty of mistakes, get into trouble, party hard, and do their best to scrape through college.

The coming-of-age journey of each Generation of Skins is such an extraordinary story that no other show today can match its special place in fans’ hearts. There’s just something about watching each character grow up as individuals and start to make their way in life that will leave you forever feeling nostalgic about their journey, even just from the show’s first Generation to the third.

Slice of Life Enjoyment

Sid, Tony, Michelle and Cassie in Skins UK
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Of course, Skins has its significant events taking place throughout the entirety of each Generation’s story. However, much of the show revolves simply around the friends just hanging out at school, around town, being bored, not thinking things through, and getting into trouble because of it, acting like idiotic teenagers.

This is just as interesting and well done as any significant event throughout the show and gives you a chance to get to know the characters. The slice-of-life element of Skins is perfect, balancing the darker, more unapologetic themes it confronts with a healthy balance of friends enjoying each other’s company in their day-to-day life.

There’s plenty to keep you entertained, even in scenes that don’t do a lot to drive the plot forward. Chances are, if Skins is on the screen, there’s something unbelievably wild, ridiculously hilarious, shockingly, or incredibly heartbreaking going on. Trust me, even in scenes and scenarios you wouldn’t usually expect to keep your attention, Skins brings a balance of amusing slice-of-life teenage chaos. This makes the show double not just as a drama but also a comfort show for many.

The Iconic Quotes & One Liners

Chris Miles in Skins UK
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There are some great humorous one-liners, and cringeworthy, edgy teen quotes scattered throughout Skins that will make you scoff, roll your eyes, attempt to hold a straight face, and then give into the reluctant smile that gradually appears. Seriously, some of the words spoken in this show are just the epitome of teenage antics, and you’ll find yourself wincing, laughing, and tearing up at the quotes these characters come up with.

From Effy’s concerning “Sometimes I think I was born backwards”, to Katie’s iconic “I’m Katie fucking Fitch, who the fuck are you?!”, the one-liners throughout Skins mark some of the most memorable scenes and events in the entire show. Some of these quotes are so significant and have made such an impact on viewers that even hearing them again brings back all of the emotions from the episode in question. After all, let’s not forget Generation 1’s “Fuck it, for Chris. – that one will never not pull at my heartstrings!

Long-lasting Influence

James Cook from Skins UK
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Most significantly, Skins was a unique, bold, and exciting show that managed to generate a long-lasting influence on television, both in the Generations of the show to follow, as well as within other countries outside of the UK.

As Skins is a show that follows multiple generations of students, there are several fun easter eggs and references to previous events in the show, such as in Generation 2, when Cook sets fire to a locker that just happened to be owned by Sid in Generation 1.

Another subtle hint is when Effy falls into a panic attack after her physical altercation with Katie, picking up her phone and dialing an unknown individual for help. While there’s no way to know for sure, it’s strongly hinted that the person she speaks to is her older brother, Tony Stonem, from Generation 1.

Not only did the show influence its future seasons and other British drama series of the same era, but it also had a strong following in countries outside the UK, gathering enough attention to earn its spin-off show, Skins US. While any Skins fan will tell you to pretend it doesn’t exist due to what can be chalked up to poor execution and losing the sense of what made Skins so unique, it’s still impressive that a bold, breakout title such as Skins could earn its own American variant.

That’s it for 10 reasons why Skins UK desperately needs a modern reboot. For more television features, lists, news, and quizzes, check out the rest of our content here at Twinfinite. We have a wide range of topics to keep you up-to-date on any news and help you dive into topics of interest, such as 10 comedies to watch during the holidays, 10 reasons why The Owl House is one of Disney’s best shows, and 10 best quotes in Avatar: The Way of Water.

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