10 Coolest & Strangest Dragon's Dogma 2 Character Creations We've Seen So Far
Image Source: Capcom

10 Coolest & Strangest Dragon’s Dogma 2 Character Creations We’ve Seen So Far

Players are making some cool (and very cursed) creations.

As a little treat before the full release of Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom has released the game’s character creator. From what we’ve seen online, the possibilities feel nearly endless, and player creations have been a sight to behold. To give you a little inspiration for the game, we’ve gathered the weirdest and coolest Dragon’s Dogma 2 character creations we’ve seen so far as we head towards launch.

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Crocodile (One Piece)

As crazy as it is, someone made the Cross Guild’s co-leader, Crocodile. Debuting all the way back in chapter 126/episode 76, he’s one of the series’ biggest villains. He’s definitely going to show up in a future season of the Netflix live-action series. The only things missing from this creation are the cigar, the hook hand, and the black coat/cape. Surely, the full game will have at least a close approximation to his coat, making it perfect.

Shaggy Rogers (Scooby Doo)

Shaggy Rogers
Image Source: TowerOfMG

I will admit I’m not super up on my Scooby-Doo knowledge, but surely there is a film from the last 20 years where Shaggy is some sort of knight? Considering the disguises and wild settings the series has gone to chase down people in masks, I am fairly certain Knight Shaggy had to have happened at some point. Assuming that exists, you get the ultimate chance to live that out, because I guarantee someone will make a frightening Scooby pawn not long after the game launches.

Wyll (Baldur’s Gate 3)

Unsurprisingly, fans are also using the character creator to bring in their favorite characters from Baldur’s Gate 3, and this version of Wyll is terrific. On the bright side, your actions can’t make him leave this time, so you can be as evil as you want. Considering you still get Wyll in a different game without all the restrictions? This is most certainly the best of both worlds.

Shadowheart (Baldur’s Gate 3)

On the subject of recreating Baldur’s Gate 3 characters as Dragon’s Dogma 2 creations, I present this awesome Shadowheart rendering to you. There’s not much else to say other than to fawn a little about how good this looks. The only slight tweak I would like is that she needs something in her hair, even if a circle won’t work. However, it’s all extremely well done, from the hair to the scar.

Chester Cheetah

I kind of feel like I should apologize for sharing this, as it is clearly cursed. However, I also promised strange creations, and Chester fits that bill almost too well. There’s only one part where I’m not completely sold, and that’s how this portrays his height. I am sure that can be adjusted, so it’s not a huge deal. While it wasn’t something you could get in the original game, this creation makes me hope you can obtain sunglasses because Chester needs them to be complete.

Geralt (The Witcher)

Because the world of Dragon’s Dogma is as monster-infested as the one in The Witcher series, many players are making Geralt for what lies ahead. Even with other versions of the character floating around, this Geralt is my favorite. The scars and the stark white hair are both very striking and sell exactly what is necessary in crafting Geralt. If you can recruit him as a pawn, there is definitely not anyone else who could ever slay monsters more effectively.

This is perhaps one of the best uses of the character creator of this whole list because you get to play as one of the best duos in gaming. This pair works incredibly well regardless of who the main character is and who the pawn is, so there’s no wrong combination. I’d say the only limiting factor of the character creator is that it’s too realistic and does not make Link nearly colorful enough. Hopefully, the game has a decent way to dye clothing for a proper tunic.

Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil)

There’s no one I would rather have with me to tackle a world of strange monsters than Leon. I don’t know if I could call this version perfect, but it’s still pretty terrific and easily identifiable. I hope there’s some sort of clothing customization system in the game because it would be the ultimate cherry on top to make him an outfit similar to his Resident Evil 4 look.

Blanka (Street Fighter)

Okay, this one is definitely in the ‘strange’ category, and I love it. Among the large group of people making Paul from Dune or Astarion, someone decided they wanted to make Blanka and did a solid job with the tools. The only downside is that the game doesn’t let you go with an acidic green skin color, and the creator had to go with a more muted hue. However, this still entirely sells what they are going for, and it makes perfect sense to want a monster as your pawn.

Moogle (Final Fantasy)

Brace yourself, Kupo, because this one is a little frightening. This is like when those artists put Kirby’s body with actual human limbs, and it’s always creepy. I can’t imagine sorting through the list of hireable pawns and seeing this grotesque monster, but I still think I would choose it out of curiosity. However, I don’t think that curiosity would last long until I was just completely unnerved and ready not to feel like I was breaking some massive taboo by looking at this Dragon’s Dogma 2 creation.

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