Supergirl & Batman Steal the Show in The Flash Super Bowl Trailer

A speedy glimpse at the action to come.

The Flash Official Trailer Image via Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube

The Flash has finally received its first official trailer, showcasing the time-bending story that audiences can expect to experience once the movie releases in theaters in June 2023. While fans have already gotten glimpses of Barry, Supergirl, and Michael Keaton’s Batman, this new trailer gives the best look yet at the major characters.

The film seeks to explore a time-traveling Flash, who accidentally creates a paradox by trying to find a world where his deceased mother is alive. The trailer shows one of the realities that Flash goes to is one involving Man of Steel’s General Zod and has Supergirl instead of Superman, along with one focused around the iconic Michael Keaton version of Batman.

In Barry’s travels, he finds himself needing to team up with an alternate version of himself, and the film is sure to have more appearances than the trailer has shown. There have been rumblings that The Flash has been testing incredibly well behind the scenes, which likely resulted in the exciting and compelling Super Bowl trailer.

Despite being months away, The Flash has unfortunately already been riddled with controversy because of the actions taken by the lead star, Ezra Miller. However, it is unknown what, if any, impact this will have on the actual film and the press surrounding it, and how well the movie will do remains to be seen.

The Flash is currently set to release on June 16, 2023, and it will play exclusively in theaters. For more on the film, check out our other DCEU coverage down below.

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