Spectacular Spider-Man Season 1 Arriving On Disney+ in October

Season 1 arrives in October for Disney+ users.

One of the most beloved Spider-Man properties is finally arriving on Disney+. Spectacular Spider-Man, which first premiered in 2008 on Kids WB, is often considered the best TV incarnation of the web-swinger of all time. Now, after premiering on Netflix earlier this year, Spectacular Spider-Man is making its way onto Disney+ this October.

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The only catch? According to Decider, only the first season will be available. No reason was given as to why season 2 won’t be available, nor when Disney+ subscribers will get season 2. Along with Spectacular Spider-Man season 1, the short-lived MTV Spider-Man series that starred Neil Patrick Harris will also arrive on Disney+ simultaneously.

Spectacular Spider-Man hit a lot of bumps throughout its two-season run. After season 1, Marvel retained the TV rights to Spider-Man after Disney purchased the company in 2009. This led to season 2 airing on DisneyXD. Because Sony created the series, making a third season would’ve required the two companies to work several legal details out to make it, so Spectacular Spider-Man ended on a big cliffhanger.

Series creator Greg Wiesman of Gargoyles fame had several storylines, TV movies, and characters planned out, including Spider-Man fighting more of his iconic villains such as Carnage, Mister Negative, Scorption, Hydro-Man, Hobgoblin, and Morbius.

While we may never get a season 3 of this iconic series, having more places to view Spectacular Spider-Man is always a positive in our book. Before you go, be sure to check out the rest of our Disney+ coverage as well, including Star Wars: Andor’s release schedule, and our latest look at the new Disney+ series Iwaju.

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