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5 Things We Want to See in You Season 5

Joe and Kate in the You season 4 finale

5 Things We Want to See in You Season 5

Oh boy, here Joe goes killing again.

After being cancelled on Lifetime, You received a second chance through a series rescue by Netflix, and boy was it a great decision. The show remains one of the streaming platform’s most popular offerings, with Penn Badgley bringing the world’s most toxic boyfriend to life on screens everywhere. Each new season has offered plenty of twists and turns too, ensuring viewers always have something to look forward to as the series progresses.

Season 4 was no exception. Following yet more murders and plot twists, the main character has found a way to return home to New York City as Joe Goldberg; not Paul, Will Bettelheim, Nick, or Jonathan Moore. How can he do this? Well, with his new main squeeze’s infinite monetary resources, he can essentially do anything he wants. His being back in the United States also brings the show full circle, and potentially opens the door for characters from previous seasons who know the real Joe Goldberg to return. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things we want to see in You Season 5.

The Return of Mooney’s and the Cage

Image Source: Netflix

In the first season, we learned that Mooney created a glass cage that sat in his bookstore’s basement both to preserve rare books and occasionally lock up a young Joe. Although Beck wasn’t his first obsession, it is with her that he decides to use the cage for his more violent tendencies. The cage has become iconic within the show, but only in season 1 did it make sense location-wise (since he is so deeply aligned with books).

At the end of season 4, Joe states that he buys a struggling bookstore on his return to New York City and we are to assume that this is Mooney’s. Returning the cage to Mooney’s would bring Joe back to his roots, which, metaphorically makes sense because he has also accepted his roots (aka his dark side, aka Rhys).

Not only does this bring back the original location of the cage, but Joe buying Mooney’s also opens the proverbial door to the return of Ethan, who helped run the bookstore. His girlfriend and co-worker, Blythe, could likewise make a return, and their chemistry could lead to lines that are just as memorable as the ones they delivered when they were featured more prominently.

Paco and Ellie Getting Back in Contact With Joe

Image Source: Netflix

Despite his many evil acts, Joe has always felt the need to protect children because of his traumatic upbringing. Among those children he helped are Season 1’s Paco and Season 2’s Ellie.

Paco’s mom was being severely abused by her boyfriend, and Joe killed said boyfriend to protect him. Ellie, on the other hand, fell victim to Love Quinn, who essentially orphaned her by killing her older sister Delilah. Joe promised to protect her and sent her money regularly for her to start a new life.

With Joe disappearing in Season 4 though, he likely stopped sending Ellie help. Paco, on the other hand, did not keep in contact with him, but he knew of his dark side first hand. Aside from watching him kill his mom’s boyfriend, he also knows about Beck’s imprisonment in the cage way back in Season 1.

Season 5 would be the perfect time for both Paco and Ellie to get back in touch with our protagonist, but for different reasons. Joe saw a lot of himself in Paco, who in turn held his problematic protector in high regard. He may seek out Joe if he returns to New York and gets in trouble, which could lead to them bonding the same way that Joe did with Mooney after killing Elijah. On the other hand, Paco may be able to bring some of the grizzled murderer’s humanity back by becoming a mirror image of him and showing how far he’s fallen.

Ellie, on the other hand, has plenty of reasons to hate Joe. Even if he didn’t kill Delilah himself, she is still dead because of him. This could present itself in her trying to bring him down, and would build on a fan favorite theory that she’ll be the one to take him down. Otherwise, she could just reach out for money after learning that he is indeed alive, with the latter probably being the safer route for her.

Sherry and Cary Publicly Exposing Joe

Image Source: Netflix

Sherry and Cary appear in the third season, and stand alongside Will as some of the few people to leave the cage alive.

In fact, they’re the only ones to have broken free of its confines by finding the hidden key. Sherry is incredibly intelligent, and Cary has the brawn that nearly took Joe down. Together they made — and continue to make — a great couple, using this experience to further their careers by writing a book and also putting together the Ted Talk shown in the Season 3 finale.

While Love took charge almost entirely during their time in the cage, Sherry and Cary still know the true Joe and likely wouldn’t be convinced that he wasn’t just as much a part of Love’s rampage. Plus, even though Kate has a team specifically scrubbing media of anything coming out about Joe’s time in Madre Linda, it wouldn’t be that hard to believe something would fall through the cracks which the couple could use against him.

There was also a significant chunk of time where people all across the US could have seen Sherry and Cary’s Ted Talk, meaning they’re already in a prime position to act as the biggest threat to Joe’s continued freedom. From what we know about Sherry and Cary, their silence may or may not come with a price tag. But, knowing how much they love being in the spotlight, they might not go away easily and become a continued problem for Joe as they speak more about their personal experiences.

The Return of Will Bettelheim

Image Source: Netflix

Will Bettelheim is the only person to survive the cage by being let out, and has remained a wild card ever since.

Joe stole Will’s identity in Season 2 and trapped him in the cage, but Will never antagonized his captor and even established a sort of friendship with him. He never believed that Joe was a killer, even convincing himself that he merely dreamed of Jasper’s death. He also assisted in getting past Henderson’s security system to protect Ellie.

Will is currently in Manila with his girlfriend, but Joe does have his number. This makes it a no-brainer to have him return in some capacity, and to further explore their complicated relationship. This connection between them can go two different ways with Will as an ally or an enemy. For example, Joe could call Will at some point and catch up, bringing back the sweet dynamic the two shared despite what Joe put him through.

But, on the other hand, Will could have kept tabs on Joe’s time in Madre Linda and reflect on what happened to him. This could be dangerous because of Will’s hacking abilities. This, mixed with the skills of the other previous victims coming together, could mean the end of our “hero” if Season 5 is indeed the final season.

Dr. Nicky Being Released From Prison

Image Source: Netflix

Of the many characters that could return in You Season 5, Dr. Nicky easily brings the most to the table.

The infamous therapist and scapegoat for Joe’s crimes has been in prison ever since Beck wrote a story that framed him for all of the murders as a way of bargaining her way out of the cage. With Beck dead, no one could come forward about his innocence. But, we find out later that Dr. Nicky believes that he deserves to be in prison not only for cheating on his wife, but for engaging in a predatory sexual relationship with one of his clients (Beck). Even with Forty confirming that Joe, or “Paul” to Dr. Nicky, is a killer, the therapist didn’t change his mind.

In the fifth season, though, Dr. Nicky’s freedom could be a central plot point. If he is proven innocent, this could help to vindicate other characters who took the fall for Joe’s crimes. Nadia could appeal her case if Dr. Nicky is freed on the grounds that the crimes were both committed by the same person. The domino effect could continue on to exonerate the dead scapegoats as well to restore their good names to the loved ones who buried them.

Overall, Joe’s story coming full circle in season 5 must lead to his downfall and free every innocent life that he has damaged. Doing this with an all new cast would not fit his exposure. The return of previous characters is essential to truly bringing him to justice.

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