5 Mind-Blowing Moments From Jujutsu Kaisen’s Debut Season

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The first season of Jujutsu Kaisen has officially come to an end after an incredible 24 episode run. As one of the best show’s to debut this past anime season, we wanted to celebrate the series by looking at some of the absolute best moments from Jujutsu Kaisen so far.

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We will be talking about moments from the anime series so far, so spoiler warning for those who haven’t watched the first season yet. We will not be getting into any manga spoils, so nothing to worry about there.

Here are the five best moments from Jujutsu Kaisen’s debut season.

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Itadori and Todo Become Brothers

Mind-Blowing JuJutsu Kaisen Moments

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Moments
Image source: MAPPA

One of the best standout moments from the Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event Arc was watching Itadori and Todo not only duke it out in a friendly rivalry, showcasing their smarts and strengths. The only thing that was better was getting to see them fight alongside one another as brothers when the curses cast a curtain over the school.

The two jujutsu sorcerers went toe-to-toe with the special grade cursed spirit, Hanami in an epic no-holds-bar battle, using combinations with each other as if they’d actually been best friends for years.

This fight had some of the best animations and fight choreography in the show so far and also did wonders to develop Todo’s character and Itadori’s skills as a sorcerer. It proved the former wasn’t simply a meathead and that the latter can improve exponentially with the proper teaching.

Only a couple of fighters as strong as these two are capable of holding their own against a special grade cursed spirit, let alone to use the fight as a training opportunity.

Satoru Gojo’s Eye Reveal

Mind-Blowing JuJutsu Kaisen Moments

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Moments
Image source: MAPPA

Gojo showed off a variety of crazy techniques in his fight against the volcanic cursed spirit, Jogo. From the introduction of his domain expansion, Infinite void, to his unreal techniques like Cursed Technique Reversal: Red, the concept of Infinity.

Despite how flashy and cool all of Gojo Sensei’s techniques were, the thing that got fans most excited was his eyes.

Up until this point, Gojo has kept his eyes covered, much like Kakashi did with his left eye in Naruto. It wasn’t ever really a question as to whether or not we would see his eyes at some point, but more so a matter of when and surprisingly, that moment came pretty early on.

So, what was laying underneath that black eye mask? Pure beauty. Yup, Satoru Gojo has some of the most beautiful eyes in anime history. As if we needed more of a reason to love him.

Gojo had to reveal his eyes in order to his use domain expansion: Infinite Void. This scene also gave us our first bit of insight as to how Gojo’s eyes play into his powers. As Jogo puts it when he first enters the Infinite Void “I can’t see anything. No, I can see everything”.

There is no doubt that his eyes play a large role in how his powers work –something I’m sure we’ll learn more about as Jujutsu Kaisen goes on.

Panda…Is Not a Panda

Mind-Blowing JuJutsu Kaisen Moments

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Moments
Image source: MAPPA

We were all under the assumption that Panda was a panda, I mean he looks like a panda and his name is Panda, so naturally it just made sense.

So, of course, we were all surprised to hear the words “Panda… is not a panda!” come out of his Panda’s mouth during his fight against Mechamaru.

Panda was revealed to be a cursed corpse mutation. Not only does his have his panda form, but he also has two siblings living inside him giving him the ability to transfer into a Gorilla form, and another unrevealed form.

This scene gave us a little bit of insight as to what exactly Panda is, as well as some great backstory from Panda’s childhood being raised by the jujutsu sorcerer, Masamichi Yaga.

Chimera Shadow Garden

Mind-Blowing JuJutsu Kaisen Moments

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Moments
Image source: MAPPA

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 23, The Origin of Obedience Part 2, brings the first season full circle as we get to see Megumi take on a special grade cursed spirit identical to the one he and Itadori fought in episode 4.

During the original encounter with this type of cursed spirit, Megumi didn’t stand a chance, though neither did Itadori for that matter — at least, not without the help of Sukuna.

However, both sorcerers have gotten much stronger since then. While it was extremely satisfying to see just how far Megumi has come as a jujutsu sorcerer by watching him defeat the cursed spirit, it was more satisfying seeing how he did it.

Megumi debuted his domain expansion for the first time, and while it’s certainly still a little rough around the edges, Chimera Shadow Garden is already quite the technique, especially when paired with his shikigami’s like Nue and Divine Dog: Totality.

Itadori Eats Sukuna’s Finger

Mind-Blowing JuJutsu Kaisen Moments

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Moments
Image source: MAPPA

Of course, we cannot forget the moment that started it all — Itadori eating Sukuna’s finger and becoming his vessel.

Despite Itadori’s unusually impressive strength, mobility, and combat prowess, he was still just an ordinary human and wasn’t capable of hurting a curse without using any cursed energy. So, in order to save himself and Megumi in the show’s premiere, he did the unthinkable.

Itadori’s not really the type to think things through, even when it comes to eating the body part of an ancient cursed spirit. So, naturally, he downed Sukuna’s finger without hesitation, becoming the legendary cursed spirit’s new vessel.

This moment is a standout for two reasons. The first was simply that Yuji’s lack of hesitation and understanding of the situation was hilarious, as he had no idea what he was truly getting himself into.

The second is that this moment set the rest of the show in motion, as the events to come will heavily revolve around Itadori not just becoming Sukuna’s vessel, but becoming a jujutsu sorcerer.

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