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Destiny 2 Season of the Wish: Key Details & Exotic Weapon Updates

When you wish upon an Ahamkara...

The cosmos of Destiny 2 is set to expand with the arrival of Season 23, known as ‘Season of the Wish’. This eagerly awaited chapter will unveil on Nov. 28, 2023, post the weekly reset at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, closing the Lightfall cycle with intriguing developments.

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Delving into the arcane secrets of the Destiny universe, ‘Season of the Wish’ will explore the lore surrounding the Ahamkara, mystical dragons with the power to grant wishes — often with unforeseen consequences. These entities, pivotal in the game’s lore, promise to be at the heart of this Destiny 2 season’s unfolding narrative.

Destiny 2 Season 23 Changes

The upcoming season brings with it a suite of adjustments to exotic weapons, tailored to enhance the player experience in PvE combat. According to a recent post by Bungie on Dev Insights, Auto Rifles are receiving a boost in damage output against minor combatants by 10 percent, aiming to solidify their role in combat scenarios. Pulse Rifles will also be adjusted, with a 12.5 percent increase in damage to minor and major combatants, ensuring their effectiveness at mid-range.

The season is also sharpening the edge of Glaives, increasing projectile speed by 30 percent and boosting PvE damage by 25 percent. A notable reduction in the delay between firing and melee attacks aims to refine the weapon’s feel and utility. Sniper Rifles across the board are also set to receive a 15 percent increase in PvE damage.

All Exotic Changes in Season 23

With Season of the Wish also comes many different changes to exotics:

  • Vex Mythoclast:
    • Will receive further increases in damage against minor and boss combatants.
    • Will have significantly enhanced damage against Champions in Linear Fusion Rifle mode.
    • Is envisioned to become a versatile weapon for any Champion type.
  • Revision Zero:
    • Will see an increase in damage against Champions.
    • Will retain its intrinsic anti-barrier capability.
  • Thorn:
    • Will gain a catalyst and base behavior changes for Season 23.
    • Picking up a Remnant will overflow the magazine.
    • The catalyst will improve range and stability, granting additional bonuses after kills or Remnant pickups.
  • Class Glaives:
    • Will grant ammo upon activating the perk.
    • Will no longer passively drain shield energy.
    • The perk will remain active despite reloading or stowing.
  • Edge of Intent (Warlock):
    • Will change the healing turret effect to grant cures and restoration.
    • Will increase AoE radius and magazine size.
  • Edge of Action (Titan):
    • Passing through the bubble will grant bonuses and an overshield.
    • Will see a reduction in bubble health for balance.
  • Edge of Concurrence (Hunter):
    • Lighting Seeker will jolt targets on impact.
    • Will have reduced direct hit damage for balance.
  • Osteo Striga:
    • Will remove the SMG damage bonus affecting poison damage.
    • Poison damage will be brought in line with standard Necrotic Grip, maintaining extra damage against minors.
  • Salvation’s Grip:
    • Will have a speed limit on detonation to prevent game errors.
  • Winterbite:
    • Will increase the detonation damage of the large projectile.
    • Will have a reduced self-damage radius and total self-damage.

Changes to Legendary Shards

An important economic change is also on the horizon: Legendary Shards will be phased out in Season 23 of Destiny 2. This decision aims to streamline the game’s economy and improve accessibility for new players. Guardians are encouraged to spend their Legendary Shards before they become a relic of the past.

Is Season of the Wish Still Set to Come out on Time?

Although ‘The Final Shape‘ expansion has been postponed to June, the delay does not impact the launch date of Season of the Wish. This new season is shaping up to be a pivotal experience, offering new lore for enthusiasts and fine-tuning the arsenal for the Guardians.

Season of the Wish is set to offer a blend of storytelling and gameplay advancements that will challenge and enthrall players. The countdown to the next big adventure in Destiny 2 begins, with the promise of enigmatic twists and a host of weapon enhancements on the horizon.

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