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What’s the Pilot’s Name in Armored Core 6? Answered (AC6)

The mystery behind the mech.

The Armored Core series isn’t one that’s known for its human faces. Sure there’s a rich narrative that runs through the series, and there are plenty of interesting characters, but it’s not a mech franchise where we see the pilots stepping out of their armored suits between missions.

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As such, you might be wondering just who it is you’re controlling in the game. Here’s an explanation of the protagonist’s identity in Armored Core 6.

Does the Pilot in Armored Core 6 Have a Name?

The augmented human inside the mech you pilot in Armored Core 6 doesn’t have a name, but instead goes by the call sign “Raven”. You acquire this name after completing the tutorial mission, wherein you assume the identity from the remains of another Armored Core.

Raven is a name that long-time Armored Core fans will be familiar with as it was a term used in previous titles to refer to a loose group of particularly efficient mercenary Armored Cores.

Prior to assuming the Raven call sign, you are known only as Augmented Human C4-621, or simply 621. Suitably dystopian given that you’re a mercenary who has had their emotions suppressed through a series of rather nasty looking operations.

The reality is however that your character’s identity is so vague because the game wants you to feel as though it’s you that’s piloting the mech.

At the very start of the game you’re asked to enter a pilot name. This not only sets you apart in the game’s online multiplayer mode but also gives Armored Core 6 a slight roleplaying element. The Raven and 621 names are just useful for the game’s voice-overs, and for rooting you in the story.

Now you know who the main character is in Armored Core 6. Want to make your mech your own even quicker? Check out our guide to earning COAM fast so that you can buy those all-important upgrades.

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