How to Earn COAM Quickly in Armored Core VI

How to Get COAM Fast in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

Get the better of the COAM economy in Armored Core VI.

Dropping onto the surface of Rubicon 3, players will take on the role of a mercenary trying to make a difference in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. As the main narrative unfolds, the various missions and objectives will get tougher, and only an effective and efficient Armored Core will be able to meet the demands put forward by corporations seeking your aid. As such, it is important to have enough cash to get the right parts, and this guide will provide the best ways to earn COAM fast in Armored Core 6.

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Earning COAM Quickly in Armored Core 6

First off, it is vital to understand just what COAM is. This is the universal currency available on Rubicon; think of it as credits or money that is earned as payment for completing various jobs throughout Armored Core 6. They are used to exchange for new AC parts at the shop, which can then be outfitted on your mech to achieve a variety of builds.

Unlike other FromSoftware games, COAM is much more easily available with progression in this title. Almost everything you do comes with a COAM reward, but to quickly amass a fortune to buy everything in sight, here are some key tips:

Complete Chapters and Replaying Missions

Earning COAM Fast in Armored Core VI Chapters
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Each chapter in Armored Core 6 will consist of several smaller Sorties and a few of the more extended main ones. Each completed mission will net a handsome reward of COAM, and if you manage to avoid damage to your AC and conserve ammo, the deductions will be minimal at the conclusion of the Sortie, ensuring you the highest amount of credits possible.

Once players are much more familiar with certain missions, they can easily replay the same Sorties using improved ACs and efficiently blow past any opposition for a quick COAM reward. Nothing like bringing an endgame AC to the starting missions and destroying everything in sight, right?

Obviously, the tougher missions will offer more COAM, but if it requires you to be in tip-top shape the whole way through and takes significantly more time, then repeating a series of shorter missions makes more sense.

Make Elimination & Destruction Sub-objectives a Priority

In certain Sorties, the eventual COAM rewards depend on how many individual enemies are eliminated throughout the course of the mission. While the ultimate goal is to attain the main overarching objective, there is no pressure of a time limit in place.

As such, you can go around the map to clear out any and all opposition, adding to the final COAM reward at the end of the mission. Don’t underestimate the numbers that can build up; they can easily run into the hundreds of thousands and can be just the one step needed for your shiny new bazooka or kinetic weapon.

The same goes for sub-objectives that require the destruction of other targets, such as fuel tanks. Taking full advantage of these payouts will ensure you will never run out of COAM.

Arena Riches

It won’t take too long before the Arena function becomes available in Armored Core 6. Players can jump in to take on virtual simulations of every mercenary that is registered on Rubicon 3. Starting at the lowest ranks, you will work your way up to the pinnacle of S-rank mercenaries, collecting plenty of COAM along the way together with the valuable OST Chips.

Fighting in the arena also does not incur repair and ammo costs, and battles can be repeated for as much as you want, so the full payout is always up for grabs.

Play the Economy

Earning COAM Fast in Armored Core VI Parts Economy
Image Source: FromSoftware via Twinfinite

With so many parts to choose from, you might just feel that there is always a risk going for a particular part in the game. Thankfully, the developers are keen for players to experiment, and have ensured that the Parts Shop do business in the right way.

Any parts that are bought from the ship can be sold back with a full refund, so you can always test out new tech without any financial risks. This applies to any parts from the starting stages of the game all the way to the conclusion. This ability to trade parts without losing any COAM in the process is key to progress in the game, so be sure to make full use of it.

Should you settle into a particular playstyle, be sure to sell any unwanted parts as well to get an injection of credits, and build towards a better version of your current build. In time, players will obtain most of the parts available, but being focused at the beginning is still recommended.

With this precious knowledge of how to earn COAM fast in Armored Core 6, it won’t take long for players to be able to afford all the right parts for their AC. Should there be a need for more help, peruse the related content below, or search Twinfinite for everything else.

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