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Top 10 Best AC Creations from the Armored Core 6 Community So Far (AC6)

Get in the robot, Raven!

If there’s one guarantee when it comes to a new game featuring customizable mechs, it’s that a whole lot of people are going to be rushing to recreate their favourite anime robots. With its incredibly robust design tools Armored Core 6 has proven to be no exception. Players have already taken to the internet to show off their magnificent works of gleaming metal and here are some of the best so far.

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10. Eva-01

Lets get this one out of the way first because we all knew it was coming. Neon Genesis Evangelion is widely hailed as one of the greatest anime of all time and players couldn’t wait to recreate the series’ famous purple and green mecha in AC6.

There have been a number of efforts already, but this one by Reddit user geekriszx2 seems to be the best yet. Sure it’s a little on the bulky side, and somebody will surely create a more accurate representation once more people have had a chance to unlock all of the game’s AC parts. For now though it’s enough to bring that much needed touch of existential crisis to a game that’s already dealing with its fair share of deep themes.

9. CAT-Man

For those who want a taste of the real world construction industry brought into their future dystopia there’s this AC design featuring Caterpillar Inc’s iconic yellow and black and white logo. Reddit user yayfishnstuff’s custom mecha will surely come in handy on the desolate wastes of Rubicon.

By the looks of it this rugged piece of machinery has already taken a spin around the planet’s surface, with the game’s extensive texture options being put to good use to give that much needed touch of dirt. I dig it.

8. Gundam

Wherever you find mecha you’re bound to find Gundam. The long-running anime franchise gets the representation it deserves on modern consoles after the disappointing news that Gundam Evolution is set to close in November.

As with Eva-01 there have been plenty of attempts to recreate the famous Mobile Suit already, but RevanXV_’s effort is the closest yet to capturing the iconic look of the RX-78-2 Gundam. All it really needs is a big red shield and that annoying helicopter wouldn’t stand a chance.

7. Pepsiman

Armored Core 6 is a seriously bleak game. What better way to lighten it up than by playing as everyone’s favourite carbonated beverage mascot. No, not Santa Claus. We’re talking about Pepsiman of course.

Lets not take the time to question Reddit user YambagMcgee’s decision to spend precious hours of their life creating this on the game’s release day. Rather, let’s just appreciate it for the majestic ode to rampant commercialism that it is.

6. Optimus Prime

There’s more than meets the eye with this Armored Core. Or well, maybe not, because even though the game lets you do a lot of cool stuff you can’t transform into emergency service vehicles. Oh well, it’s still an opportunity for fans of the Transformers franchise to play as Optimus Prime while we wait for Activision to get their act together and put the Cybertron trilogy back up for sale.

X user Porshapwr is behind this creation. An admirable effort considering it’s made using only pieces that are available very early on in the game.

5. Minion

Because they simply have to be everywhere, here’s a Minion mech. Despicable Reddit user OuMahGudness really saw the opportunity to create mecha sized dungarees and ran with it. If it didn’t require quite so much ingenuity it’d frankly be enough to do away with my final shred of hope in humanity.

Let us all pray we one day meet this Gentleminion on the battlefields of Armored Core 6’s multiplayer mode so that we can charge it head on with a laser sword. Banana indeed.

4. Creeper

The Gen Z momentum continues with this terrifying recreation of Minecraft’s Creeper. Sorry Nvidia, but Minecraft with RTX has got nothing on this mech design by BiffTheBear.

Notably, this is the first and only design on the list to use Armored Core 6’s quadruped leg parts, making it even more unsettling. Equipped with 2 massive guns and back-mounted missile launchers this monstrosity is sure to be able to cause explosions enough to be worthy of the character that inspired it.

3. E-102 Gamma

Sonic fandom always shines through. This design by HauntLich somehow manages to capture some of the lovable charm of Sonic Adventure’s lovable robot. A lot of effort has gone into recreating the character, from the arm cannon, to the laser targeting on his back. And the colors: perfection.

An attempt at creating Metal Sonic seems like the natural next step for the game’s creative community, but for now this is your best option for when you’ve gotta go fast across the plains of Rubicon.

2. Venom

Everyone’s favourite symbiote is about to make his big debut on the PlayStation 5 later this year, but moyu2099 just couldn’t wait. There’s a lot going on with this design, from the giant arachnid emblem, and signature spiked teeth, to the use of the AC creator’s texture system to get a shiny, organic aesthetic.

Just like Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man 2, we don’t really know who’s inside the suit in Armored Core 6. Maybe it’s been a silent Tom Hardy all along.

1. CJ

OK, so this one isn’t a custom AC at all. It’s a mod. On day 1 of the game’s release. Replacing the mecha with Carl “CJ” Johnson from GTA: San Andreas.

Yes, everyone’s favourite resident from Grove Street has made it to Rubicon in the absolute most cursed way imaginable. Not even FromSoftware’s exhaustive efforts to make their mecha customization as complete as possible could have brought this … thing into existence, so modders Dropoff and TKGP chose violence and modded it into the game themselves. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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