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With 100K Copies Sold in Less Than 2 Weeks, This Steam Game Could be the Next Papers, Please

Image Source: Crazy Rocks

With 100K Copies Sold in Less Than 2 Weeks, This Steam Game Could be the Next Papers, Please

Stop (or profit off) your border’s contraband!

Every year, hundreds if not thousands of indie titles fly under the proverbial radar, amassing loyal but generally small audiences. Some, though, explode in popularity in unexpected and impressive ways. That appears to be the case with Contraband Police – a brand-new action title that’s garnered a huge audience and player praise.

Released on Steam on March 8, 2023, Contraband Police puts players in the shoes of a border control officer. Operating on the border of the fictional Acarist People’s Republic, players are tasked with keeping as many prohibited items from crossing the border as possible – or profiting from allowing some through.

Specifically, players have to monitor the documents, vehicles, and luggage of characters trying to cross the border. Everything from car chases to shootouts to upgrading the defenses of your border posts is on the table, making it a diverse and varied dip into multiple genres.

In the days since its release, the game has exploded in popularity, already topping 100,000 sales and boasts a 93% review on Steam. It’s also proved a hit on YouTube too, with popular creators amassing millions of views as they dip into the border control world Crazy Rocks have developed.

Image Source: Crazy Rocks

The team is based in Warsaw, Poland, and Contraband Police marks their third game release, following 2016’s Street Warriors Online and 2017’s Ski Sniper. Published by PlayWay, the game will likely remind people of a 3D version of Papers, Please, a 2013 puzzle simulation title that astounded gamers with its success.

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