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What Happened to Bruce on Survivor 44?

Bruce and other players get ready to start the reward challenge
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What Happened to Bruce on Survivor 44?

Early challenge highlights potential dangers in the game of Survivor.

The Survivor 44 medical staff had an unfortunate field day during the premiere episode, showing how dangerous the reality TV show can be. The 18 cast members competed in their first reward challenge minutes after arriving on the beach, and one was dealt a blow during the first minute of the competition. Here’s what happened to Bruce Perreault in the Survivor 44 premiere.

What Happened to Bruce During the Survivor Reward Challenge?

The first reward challenge had castaways climb under several obstacles to reach the end of the course and then bring back puzzle pieces. After diving underneath the second obstacle, Bruce slammed his head and then took time to compose himself before he could continue.

Bruce continued standing to the side while his teammates made their way through the obstacle challenge until he finally fell to one knee. The contest was immediately stopped to provide medical attention to the bloodied castaway. After a brief reprieve to receive oxygen, Bruce regained his faculties and was allowed to continue.

How Did Injuries Impact the Game of Survivor?

Although initially cleared, Bruce would have to be removed from the game. His head injury caused him severe pain that night, so the medical team called for further evaluation outside the game. Unfortunately, his injury was not the only one to note.

Matthew climbed a rock wall before falling and separating his shoulder, while Brandon suffered from heat and dehydration during the immunity challenge. Both players are still in the game, but Bruce’s departure reminds fans that Survivor can be dangerous. This unlucky competitor did not make it beyond the first day, and perhaps he will get another chance in another season, but that’s what happened to Bruce in the Survivor 44 premiere.

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