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Warzone 2 Players Hit Out at “Rigged” Stats Still Broken in Season Two

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Warzone 2 Players Hit Out at “Rigged” Stats Still Broken in Season Two

Players aren’t happy with the state of the stats.

Warzone 2’s second season, after significant clamor from the player base, brought stats to the battle royale sequel. While disappointment centered on the fact that Season One’s stats were lost to the ether, there’s now frustration among the community over stats that, weeks into Season Two, still aren’t working as intended. 

We’ve seen reports of wins not tracking correctly but, for some players, it’s the exact opposite issue. One player on Reddit described the stats as “rigged” because they’ve been awarded a series of Warzone victories that they’ve never actually had. 

Their post consisted of a screenshot showing five Solo wins, despite the player insisting they’ve “never won a single Solos”. 

Other players flocked to the comments to relay similar experiences, with one player claiming: “​​I have only 1 actual win since stats started to track but my stats say I have 7. Definitely something wrong.”

Another player joked: “They promised stats. They didn’t promise stats will be accurate.”

While there were sympathetic messages for the developers – with some pointing out that they’re likely working to tight schedules and trying to placate the player base on a number of different fronts – others argued that such a hallmark feature of Call of Duty should be simple enough to implement. 

We do expect fixes moving forwards, perhaps with the Season Two Reloaded update, which is expected in the next couple of weeks. 

You can keep tabs on all the bugs the developers are monitoring on the dedicated Warzone 2 Trello Board.

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