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Pedro Pascal Has Taken Over Hollywood & We’re All Completely Okay With That

Pedro Pascal stands with the Mandalorian and Grogu
Image Source: Disney+

Pedro Pascal Has Taken Over Hollywood & We’re All Completely Okay With That

Pedro Pascal is leading the way and we’re not mad about it.

Pedro Pascal has captured Hollywood’s heart with iconic roles and impactful performances. His onscreen presence lures fans in with the chemistry he forms with his costars creating unmistakable magic.

Whether trying to right a wrong, protect those he loves, or gleefully obsess over another superstar, Pascal delivers charismatic smiles and sincere words to connect with an audience. This magnetic personality translates well onscreen, which makes his performances inspiring – even when things don’t always go to plan for those characters.

One of Pedro Pascal’s most memorable roles was his tenure as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones. Appearing in seven episodes in Season 4, Oberyn was to be Tyrion Lannister’s savior in combat against the massive brute force of a man Gregor Clegane. The episode The Mountain and the Viper highlighted their ultimate showdown where Pascal’s Oberyn, labeled as the Viper, looks to be the first and only person to slay Gregor the Mountain.

oberyn martell
Image Source: HBO

If any character’s demise brought utter horror and heartbreak to an audience, it would be Oberyn Martell’s. In what appeared to be a match where Oberyn would stand victorious since he was standing over the Mountain’s lifeless body, Gregor had enough strength to kick out the Viper’s feet. It’s safe to say what happened next is not for the faint of heart. No one deserves an ending like that, and perhaps this horrible ending for Pascal’s character made fans want more from him that didn’t end so devastatingly.

Fortunately, Pascal entered the Star Wars universe as Mando. There are three seasons of The Mandalorian on Disney+ so far, and his calm, cool, and collected western-style space cowboy vibe is perfect in every single way. Although he has a cute tag-team partner in Grogu, Pascal delivers heartfelt lines where he’s cemented an unbreakable bond with the child that resonates with those watching at home.

The Mandalorian also appeared in The Book of Boba Fett for three episodes, which amplified this role as a father figure. On top of that, it’s thrilling to see his character standing side-by-side with the Fett in an incredible battle sequence where it’s the two of them against the world. Even though Pascal isn’t the titular character in TBOBF, his performance is nothing less than stellar. Mando’s continued loyalty and desire to protect Grogu is a great way to lead up to Season 3 of The Mandalorian.

the mandalorian
Image Source: Lucasfilm

Since then, Pascal has continued to take Hollywood by storm with his team-up with Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent in 2022. Pascal’s portrayal of Nick Cage’s biggest fan leads viewers down a wild ride where anything seems possible. From diving off cliffs to saying “I love you” while simultaneously pointing a gun at said loved one, Pascal’s chemistry with Cage seems unmatched as they stare joyfully into each other’s faces.

The trailer for The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent puts all these incredible moments together where you’ll want to sit down and watch. In a cast interview with Variety, Cage remarks on his costar’s performance expanding on Pascal’s massive stature in Hollywood.

“I do think he’s incredible in this movie…and I told him you have a very unique sense of humor that I have not seen before…and that edge Pedro brought to it, that’s the talent he brought to it.”

Pascal’s role in The Last of Us portrays a much different type of protector than what fans have seen from The Mandalorian. Joel wants to protect Ellie, but the HBO adaptation of the video game gives his character a little more vulnerability. From panic attacks to being partially deaf in one ear, Joel has to navigate the apocalyptic world they live in while dealing with the trauma he’s experienced thus far.

As Pascal continues this incredible path in Hollywood, his star will only climb higher as his tremendous talents get showcased in TV and film. Specifically, his role as a protector seems like a perfect pairing for him. As Oberyn fights for Tyrion, Mando protects Grogu, and Joel looks after Ellie, Pedro Pascal has found a way to capitalize on these roles, despite playing very different characters. And if anyone wanted any more reason to love Pedro Pascal, watch his charming personality in interviews or when he has a sit-down with Jon Favreau.

Pascal and Favreau compare their favorite snacks in an American and Chilean Snack War and the playful banter between them highlights the chemistry one would expect from a lifelong friendship. Pascal describes the Chilean food as each one is presented and shares his nostalgic experiences while making viewers want more of him in every facet of their lives with his striking humor. It’s even more apparent when they compare the Quarter Pounder with Cheese to a beef and onion empanada.

Pascal says, “But we’re having McDonald’s in the UK, which isn’t the same. This whole thing is a fraud.”

His deadpan delivery provides such a humorous levity to an already fun experience. Perhaps his calm and engaging demeanor is his approach to the characters he plays, which explains his monumental success in Hollywood. From his interviews to movie and television roles, Pedro Pascal has immersed himself in our lives and we’re all over the moon delighted with that knowledge.

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