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MTG Arena Mythic Packs: What Are They & Are They Worth It?

Mtg Arena
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MTG Arena Mythic Packs: What Are They & Are They Worth It?

Are these packs all they’re cracked up to be?

Magic the Gathering Arena offers a certain special kind of MTG pack, not available in paper magic, called the Mythic Pack. Mythic Packs have an orange trim to them on the MTG Arena UI, and can be bought in the same store that regular packs can be for both gold and gems, though they are more expensive. The question you may be asking is what these packs do that’s different from regular packs and whether or not it’s worth purchasing them over regular packs. This guide will help you understand what MTG Arena Mythic Packs are and whether or not they are worth buying.

MTG Arena Mythic Packs Explained

These packs differ from regular packs in several ways. The first difference is that they have a guaranteed mythic rare when you crack them open. Other packs have a percentage chance of having a mythic, around 1 in 8, of being a mythic. These packs are also 300 gold more expensive and 60 gems more expensive to buy in the store and are not earned as a result of quests, limited event rewards or the rewards track.

Are They Worth it?

The answer depends on what cards you wish to collect, but the answer is generally no. While you may think that getting mythic is better than a rare, that is not necessarily always true. Mythics can often be underwhelming and are not necessarily guaranteed to be better than rares.

If you want a specific mythic, then you still only have a small chance to get the card you want. When opening any All Will Be One Pack, you have a 1 in 20 chance of getting any one of the 20 mythics from the set, a 5% chance. If you wanted at least a 90% chance of getting that one card, you would need to buy 50 packs, for 26,000 gems or 130,000 gold. If you bought that with gems it would be more than a hundred dollars and you would still have a 10% chance of not getting the mythic you want.

The chance of getting a mythic wildcard is similarly low and you can get mythic wildcards from buying regular packs anyway by charging up your pack opening rewards. And that’s just one copy. If you need a playset then you’re going to have even more trouble.

If you want to build up your collection in general, then buying more packs or doing sealed events would be more gold and gems efficient. You get more cards that way and those cards are of roughly the same value while also charging up your wildcards faster.

Mythic Packs do have their uses. You may want to invest in them for already completed sets where you still need to find the wildcards from those sets. But if you want to build up a collection or hunt for a specific card, then Mythic Packs aren’t going to help you more than regular packs.

That’s all you need to know about MTG Arena Mythic Packs and our take on whether they’re worth buying. If you want other guides for your favorite Richard Garfield created card game, then stay on Twinfinite. We have, for example, a ranking of the Eldrazi Titans from worst to best.

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