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Ghostwire: Tokyo Hits Game Pass Next Month with Major New Content Update

Ghostwire Tokyo PS4
Image Source: Tango Gameworks

Ghostwire: Tokyo Hits Game Pass Next Month with Major New Content Update

Timed exclusive no more.

Last year, Tango Gameworks released the team’s latest project, Ghostwire: Tokyo, a Doctor Strange x Bleach-esque take on Tokyo involving ghosts and finger guns. Unfortunately, many fans missed out on the opportunity to play the game since it was a one-year timed exclusive for PS5 and Windows. Today, publisher Bethesda Game Studios has announced the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass next month.

The news comes via a press release sent to Twinfinite, and was shared via the official Bethesda Twitter account in which it was revealed Ghostwire: Tokyo will be heading to Xbox consoles for the first time on April 12 via Game Pass. That’s not all; Bethesda has also announced a new update that will hit the game on all platforms, titled the Spider’s Thread Update.

While the teaser for the update doesn’t show too much, Bethesda does offer a full breakdown of what’s to come in a blog post on the official game site. Spider’s Thread is a new game mode coming to Ghostwire: Tokyo that throws players into a 30-stage gauntlet-type ordeal, where the goal is to get out. It won’t be easy, and upon dying, progress will be reset, minus the ability to keep upgrades.

Outside of the new mode, Akito’s skillset is expanding to include the new Counter-Attack, Quick Dodging, and Charge Rush abilities. He’ll need everything he can get, as new forms of Visitors called Silent Gaze and Retribution litter the streets of Tokyo, and new areas will bring new missions giving way for more story and cutscenes.

Photo Mode will also get a few new updates, too, including the ability to capture a souvenir picture, stamps to overlay on images, and new figures to unlock at capsule machines scattered throughout the world.

Ghsotwire: Tokyo is out now for PS5 and Windows and will be launching for Xbox Game Pass on April 12. For more spooky tips and tricks, read up on our related section below.

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