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Bella Ramsey Warns that HBO’s The Last of Us Finale Will “Divide People Massively”

Riley and Ellie the Last of Us HBO Featured Image
Image Source: HBO

Bella Ramsey Warns that HBO’s The Last of Us Finale Will “Divide People Massively”

Bring on the controversy!

Speaking with Vogue this week, Bella Ramsey had plenty to say about her stint on the red carpet, as well as her time on the set of HBO’s The Last of Us. The British actress expressed that it was important for her to feel emotionally comfortable and like herself even when she was on the red carpet, and shared that she oftens buy her clothes second-hand –a sentiment that Ellie herself would likely share.

And speaking of Ellie, while viewer reception for The Last of Us has been overwhelmingly positive so far, Ramsey did say something rather ominous about the series’ last two episodes. For starters, she mentions that the show’s penultimate episode was “exhausting”, though she was quick to back that up by saying those were her favorite days on set.

“That sounds really masochistic, but it’s the scenes that break me that I love the most, in a way.”

Source: Vogue

Finally, on the topic of the series finale, Ramsey stated that it would “divide people massively – massively.”

For folks who have already played the original game, you can probably guess what’s coming. The ending of the game was largely well-received, though it’s no secret that it’s sparked a ton of conversation and discussion about what it meant for the characters. The Last of Us’s ending is about to get its second wind in the next couple weeks, and it’ll be exciting to see what viewer reception is like this time around.

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