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Somehow, Grogu Returned, & He’s as Cute as Ever in Mandalorian Season 3

grogu in the mandalorian season 3

Somehow, Grogu Returned, & He’s as Cute as Ever in Mandalorian Season 3

It’s time for a cuteness overload.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but our love for the cutest creature in Star Wars history only grows with each passing day. The latest Mandalorian season three clip shows off a short scene of Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) and The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) discussing the serious matter of needing to find a place to lay low now that the bounty hunter broke a key tenant of his religion by removing his helmet in front of others.

However, everyone’s favorite green-skinned little guy, Grogu, is there to break the tension of this otherwise straight scene. The Mandalorian is hesitant to accept Greef’s kind offer of some free land while Grogu seems to not have a care in the world in the background of the scene. The former Jedi-in-training is seated in a spinning chair, constantly playing with his force powers by rotating the seat.

The conversation only stops for a second when Greef brings up his confusion about Grogu traveling with The Mandalorian again. The hunter then stops the spinning chair with his hand which then fixes the cute creature’s attention to some red-orange snacks sitting on Greef’s desk. While The Mandalorian explains the sad story of how he essentially became a traitor to his religion by removing his helmet, Grogu uses the force to pull a treat through the air directly into his tiny hand.

The clip comes to an end with Grogu enjoying the snack while Greef assures The Mandalorian that even though The Way of Mandalore may not look kindly upon him anymore, the people of Nevarro still hold him in high regard.

Season three of The Mandalorian begins streaming on Mar. 3 exclusively on Disney+.

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