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Pavlov Complex Door Code in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart, Pavlov Complex door code
Image Source: Mundfish

Pavlov Complex Door Code in Atomic Heart

What’s the magic word?

While you’re trying to put an end to a post-apocalyptic robot uprising in Atomic Heart, you’ll stumble across plenty of locked doors barring the way. Some lead to your next objective and some lead to chests of valuable treasure. If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably on the hunt for what the Pavlov Complex door code is in Atomic Heart. So, with that in mind, let’s get down to business.

What Is the Pavlov Complex Door Code in Atomic Heart? Answered

In order to access the locked Pavlov Complex door, you’ll need the right door code. As lockpicking in Atomic Heart is split into four different types, this specific lock in front of you is a Light Lock, which means that you’ll need to light up four specific capacitors to unlock the door.

To unlock the Pavlov Complex door, you’ll need to light the following four capacitors:

Pavlov complex door code
Image Source: Mundfish via Twinfinite

Thankfully, you don’t need to press the four capacitors above in a specific order. As long as all of these have been pressed, the Pavlov Complex door will open.

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What Is Behind the Pavlov Complex Door? Answered

Simply put: there’s lots and lots of loot to be found behind the locked Pavlov Complex door. In fact, there are four chests containing lots of ammo and crafting resources that will help you on your journey in Atomic Heart.

So, that wraps things up for now. We hope this helped to answer your query about how to open the Pavlov Complex door in Atomic Heart. For more, here’s how to use a Cartridge in the game. Or, if you’d rather, feel free to take a gander at the links down below.

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