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New HBO’s The Last of Us Stills Have Us Worried For a Certain Bunny

the last of us
Image Source: HBO

New HBO’s The Last of Us Stills Have Us Worried For a Certain Bunny

Shot through the heart…

We’re slowly getting to the real good bits in HBO’s The Last of Us TV adaptation. The latest episode preview reveals that we’ll finally be getting to Wyoming, where Joel and Tommy reunite after years of being apart. A bunch of new stills have been released, which you can check out down below:

The show continues to look great, and we also get our first glimpse of Maria, Tommy’s wife. In addition to that, we also get the first hint of snow and the upcoming winter season. If you’ve played the game, you’ll know that the winter chapter is home to a rather pivotal moment in the story.

Going beyond that, though, seeing snow and seeing Ellie in her winter outfit has us just a little bit worried for a certain bunny rabbit that showed up in the game. No story spoilers here, but in the original game, that chapter opened with a shot of an absolutely adorable bunny that was just minding its own business. Two seconds later, it gets shot in the neck with an arrow, and we see that Ellie was the one who fired it off while she was out hunting for food.

It’s a very small, inconsequential moment, but somehow it’s stuck in our heads as one of those brutal yet hilarious scenes in the game. Here’s hoping we get to see some variation of it in HBO’s The Last of Us.

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