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“I Choose You” Pokemon Fan Has a Special Surprise for Girlfriend Inside a Love Ball

A real Pokemon Love Ball
Image Source: Reddit via user AffectionateWay721

“I Choose You” Pokemon Fan Has a Special Surprise for Girlfriend Inside a Love Ball

Gotta Catch Her!

A Pokemon fanatic named AffectionateWay721 has shared his plan to pop the big question with the game’s Reddit community, which involves a Pokemon Love Ball as the engagement ring box.

It’s certainly novel, and absolutely adorable. If you’re asking us, though, he should add the famous “I choose, you” to end his proposal speech, too. Cheesy, maybe, but we think it’s important he reminds her she’s more important than the franchise!

Just kidding, he’s already got that covered with his plan for the special moment, which he’s decided will occur during comic-con while they’re cosplaying as Ash and Misty. It’s set to make it the first time Ash and Misty will be a couple getting engaged, as the TV show never actually explored a possible relationship between the two characters.

Pokemon became a phenomenon when it appeared in 1996 as a Game Boy video game. Over the years, Pokemon has become one of the highest-grossing media empires in the world. There’s Pokemon everything when it comes to merchandise: from the ring box seen above to video games, animated TV series, manga comics, films, a musical, trading card games, and even a theme park, transforming people all over the globe into Pokemon Trainers.

Let’s hope the happy couple make as good a team, improve each other as much and live happily ever after as Ash and Pikachu did.

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