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How to Get Golden Key in Dark and Darker

How to Get Golden Key in Dark and Darker
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How to Get Golden Key in Dark and Darker

If there’s a Golden Key, then there must be a Golden Door.

You’ve stumbled across a great, golden door in Dark and Darker, but sadly you don’t have the key to unlock it, and picking the lock isn’t going to work, either. There’s got to be a lot of loot behind it, right? You won’t find out for yourself unless you unlock the door with a Golden Key. If want any hope of getting inside, here’s how to get Golden Keys in Dark and Darker.

How to Obtain Golden Keys in Dark and Darker

In Dark and Darker, there are a few ways you can get your hands on Golden Keys, but regardless of which route you take, you’ll have to put in varying amounts of work and time.

  1. Buy Golden Keys from other players.

    Select Trade and, if you haven’t already, choose to become a trader. Now pick the Utility Trade channel and filter chat by choosing “Golden Key” from the Item Name drop-down menu at the top-left. Golden Keys tend to trade for around 500 gold or more.

    Get golden keys from trading in dark and darker

  2. Loot from other players.

    This option isn’t a guarantee, but since Dark and Darker involves PVP, there’s always a sliver of a chance that you’ll loot a Golden Key from the corpse of your enemies.

  3. Defeat Skeleton Champions.

    Outside of trading and looting other players, there’s a small chance Skeleton Champions will drop Golden Keys. They’re heavily armored skeletons that are tough to kill and deal a considerable amount of damage. You can find Skeleton Champions in both the Goblin Caves and the Forgotten Castle.

    Defeat skeleton champions to get golden keys in dark and darker

And that’s all there is to know on how to get Golden Keys in Dark and Darker. It can be a decent way to make gold, provided you’re prepared to down a few Skeleton Champions, but just as equally lucrative to open the Golden Door at last and loot the contents behind it. At any rate, you can look for more related content here at Twinfinite using the links below.

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