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Big Bang Theory & Friends Fans Are Only Now Realising Sheldon & Joey Are Almost the Same Character

Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani in Friends
Image Source: Warner Bros. Television

Big Bang Theory & Friends Fans Are Only Now Realising Sheldon & Joey Are Almost the Same Character

Two peas in a pod?

Friends and The Big Bang Theory are two of the biggest sitcoms of the last 20 years. One is about a group of friends hanging out in New York, and the other is about a group of friend geniuses hanging out in Los Angeles. 

Surprisingly, fans on Reddit have discovered that Sheldon and Joey are more alike than they might look at first glance, and it’s not just surface-level, personality-based stuff either.

Both love to always sit at the same spot on the couch, they’re best friends with their roommates, don’t share food, read comic books, their dads cheated on their moms, don’t get sarcasm, and are the most childish of their group of friends.

Funnily enough, the most known characteristic about each of them is what differentiates them the most: Joey is a not-very-bright womanizer, while Sheldon is a genius who has sex twice a year.

Is this a Joey and Sheldon thing, or are the two shows’ characters alike? Maybe. Leonard is the Ross of his group, and Penny is Rachel, including the couple’s “will they-won’t they” love story in the show’s first few seasons. The relationship between Howard and Bernadette is similar to the one between Chandler and Monica, as both guys worship the love of their lives and will do anything for them. 

That leaves us with Phoebe, Amy, and Raj. The character performed by Mayim Bialik is weird and marches to her own drum as much as Phoebe did on Friends, and there was always a special bond between her and Joey, so the fact that Amy and Sheldon are a couple still works. Does this make Raj the equivalent of Friend’s Gunther? As always, poor Raj has the worst stories.

What do you think? Are Joey and Sheldon all that similar? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and, if you’re a fan of both TV series, you could play some of our quizzes.

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