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How To Go Through The Arch In Genshin Impact, Explained

Genshin Impact Phantasmal Gate featured image
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How To Go Through The Arch In Genshin Impact, Explained

You know the old Sumeru adage – “To plant a seed is to pass a mystical arch”

It’s been over two years since Genshin Impact’s initial release, and for all intents and purposes the turn-based RPG is still going strong. Most recently, the game crossed the Sumeru region off the list for the  seven nations that make up the fictional Teyvat continent, which is where our guide comes into play. Furthermore, given that the direction for this specific task is counterintuitive, we at Twinfinite felt it might be best practice to outline a step by step guide. So for inquiring minds — here is how to go through the arch in Genshin Impact.

How To Find and Use the Phantasmal Arch Gate In Genshin Impact

First of all, it should be noted that this guide applies to all twelve of the arches applicable throughout the Summer region, and said arches are actually part of a quest entitled the Trial of the Phantasmal Gate. You can use the following methods to open and pass through any of them.

  1. Retrieve the World of Arnara quest from Amadhiah

    First thing players will do is head to Vimara Village and speak with Grandfather Amadhiah. He will gift you with the Vintage Lyre (this is important as there are multiple Lyres in the game).

    Children of Vimara Genshin

  2. Please Head North

    Grab the closest sea-faring vessel and go North until eventually reaching land. From there, you will reach the hidden area of Vanarana. Look around and find a little piece of land surrounded by a pond. The arch in question will be in close proximity.

    Aranara Location Genshin Impact

  3. Play the Rhythm of the Great Dream At Corresponding Location

    Standing next to the corresponding arch, players should equip the Vintage Lyre gadget. Then, they’ll need to play the song “Rhythm of the Great Dream” by playing the following notes in this precise order: Fa, Mi, So, Fa, Do.

    Vintage Lute Song

  4. Head Through The Arch and Start Challenge

    Assuming you played the song correctly, there should be a yellow glow in-between the arches and players should be able to start the aptly titled “Trial of the Phantasmal Gate” challenge. Begin that and get ready to run in many, many circles.

    Arches Genshin Impact

  5. Collect Phantasmal Seeds

    Now all that’s left is to collect 15 Phantasmal Seeds throughout the Varanara area…In 90 seconds. The good news is that every Seed you find resets the clock, so try not to stress over the time limit. You can also utilize Electro to highlight the locations of the remaining Seeds to more easily locate them. Return to the yellow glow, and spawn your reward: one special chest.

There you have it – now you know how to go through the arch in Genshin Impact. Once you get the hang of it, it will become child’s play. Just know that there are 12 of these arches throughout the game, and as such the same process is applicable each time. Feel free to check out our other Genshin Impact guides down below, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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