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This Week’s Episode of HBO’s The Last of Us Was the “Happy Episode” By the Way

Bill and Frank
Image Source: HBO

This Week’s Episode of HBO’s The Last of Us Was the “Happy Episode” By the Way

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

We’re only three episodes into HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, but so far, they’ve all been bangers. This week, we got a deeper look at the relationship between Bill and Frank, a dynamic that was unfortunately left largely unexplored in the original game. The couple quickly became endearing, and being able to see how their relationship evolved from start to finish was certainly heartwarming.

In usual TLOU fashion, it was also utterly heartbreaking, as it ultimately ends with both of them dying. Granted, they had the luxury of choosing how they wanted to go out, but still, it was sad.

Game director Neil Druckmann quickly took to Twitter after the episode aired to jokingly ask why everyone was crying, before dropping a hilarious tongue-in-cheek remark: “That was the happy episode!”

If you’ve played the game, you’ll know what else is coming. We’ve still got Sam and Henry, not to mention the content from the Left Behind DLC. There’s plenty more suffering to go through, and thinking on it in those terms, Bill and Frank definitely seem like they got off easy in the grand scheme of things.

The Last of Us is now airing on HBO.

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