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PSA: No, One Piece’s Ending Has Not Leaked

PSA: No, One Piece's Ending Has Not Leaked

PSA: No, One Piece’s Ending Has Not Leaked

The endless manga series remains endless.

Recent reports of One Piece’s Ending being leaked have been making the rounds, but it’s looking like this was a false alarm.

The reports stemmed from the banning of Reddit user gohdroger from the One Piece Subreddit due to a post that was deemed to contain spoilers. The post in question outlined gohdroger’s head canon for what would occur in the upcoming chapters of the series, which were based on how he thought the story would advance given his interpretation of the series’ current cliffhangers and major events. The hubub was exacerbated further due to gohdroger making accurate predictions regarding the series in the past.

However, this appears to have been speculation run rampant. In a more recent post to Reddit made on Jan. 30, gohdroger offered more details regarding his ban, and explained that he was unclear on why he would be banned due to the contents of his post being entirely created by him as head canon. He also clarified that any predictions he made which came true in the past were entirely coincidental, and should not be taken as proof that his post was meant to spoil the story’s remaining content. This would also pertain to his most recent posts should anything align with what he predicted.

A clarification was also provided that he actively tweaks his head canon predictions to fall more in line with recent developments, which could have also contributed to any supposedly accurate foretellings.

It’s an odd series of events, but it’s also understandable that fans would be on the lookout for an ending leak. One Piece went on hiatus last year so that the series’ author Eichiro Oda and his assistants could rest and brainstorm in preparation for the series’ final stretch. The manga has also seen several major events take place in recent chapters which all point to major climaxes occurring in the near future.

In the meantime, fans can keep up with One Piece’s latest chapters through Viz Media’s Shonen Jump website and app. For more of our One Piece coverage, check out any of the related articles down below.

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