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Complete Dragon Quest XI Voice Actor Cast


Complete Dragon Quest XI Voice Actor Cast

Here are the voice actors of Dragon Quest XI’s voice cast

One of the biggest changes to the western version of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is the addition of quality English voice acting. We’ve taken this list of actors directly from the credits of Dragon Quest XI’s voice actors & voice cast. Here are the voice actors of Dragon Quest XI’s voice cast.

Rasmus Hardiker as The Luminary

JRPG fans should recognize Rasmus Hardiker as the voice of Tora in last year’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but he’s played roles in other games like Soul Sacrifice, as well as TV shows like Thomas and Friends and Your Highness. He may not have as much to say as other characters, but here he’s the voice of the Luminary, the main character of Dragon Quest XI.

Gunnar Cauthery as Erik

Gunnar Cauthery is an English actor best known for playing Lloyd Hunter in The Demon Headmaster and for playing Joseph Goebbels in the 2017 National Geographic series Genius. He’s also done roles in video games, however, with titles like Ni No Kuni II and Total War: Rome II. In DQXI he plays the noble thief Erik, your very first party member.

Lauren Coe as Veronica

Lauren Coe has been in a few different TV series, playing Kate Loughlin in The Halcyon and Iphegenia in Troy: Fall of a City. Dragon Quest XI appears to be her first role in video games, where she plays the spunky Veronica, a fierce mage and one of the main party members.

Jessica Clark as Serena

Jessica Clark is definitely best know for her role as Palatine in the TV series Versailles. However, she’s also played roles in other TV series like Doctors, Casualty, and Silent Witness. Dragon Quest XI appears to be her first foray into video games and she plays Serena, another central character to the story and a party member.

Shai Matheson as Sylvando

Shai Matheson has done a number of smaller roles in video games like Star Wars Battlefront II, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and Assassin’s Creed Origins. Dragon Quest XI is his biggest role yet, though, where he plays the wonderfully flamboyant party member, Sylvando. He’s also played roles in TV shows like Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

Alex Norton as Rab

Alex Norton is a prolific Scottish actor who’s appeared in quite a few classic films. He played Dennis Cooley in Patriot Games, Captain Bellamy in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, and Napolean in the Count of Monte Christo. He’s no strange to games either, playing the enigmatic villain Gaunter O’Dim in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone expansion. For DQXI he plays Rab, a party member and very important character to the story.

Laura Aikman as Jade

Laura Aikman has done quite a few voices in video games before including Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Mass Effect Andromeda. She even played Yda and Lyse in Square Enix’s own Final Fantasy XIV expansions, Heavensward and Stormblood respectively. Apart from that, she’s done roles in TV shows like Liar and The Job Lot. She plays Jade in DQXI, another important party member who travels alongside Rab.

John Hopkins as Hendrik

You’ll probably recognize John Hopkins most recently as the voice of Erend in Horizon Zero Dawn, but he also played Maxwell Roth in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and the main character Marius in Ryse: Son of Rome. He’s done tons of other roles as well like playing Lowell in the 2010 live-action Alice in Wonderland. Hopkins plays Hendrik in DQXI a major character to the story and knight of Heliodor chasing the Luminary.

Christopher Godwin as King Carnelian

Christopher Godwin is a longtime British actor who’s acted in the 2006 film Scoop, the 1998 film The Avengers, and the 1986 miniseries Return to Treasure Island. He also has a long history of video game voice acting with roles like Paul Torgal in Subnautica, Gallus in Ni No Kuni, and Chancellor Roderick in Dragon Quest Inquisition. Godwin plays the role of Carnelian in DQXI, the King of Heliodor and a major character.

Matthew Gravelle as Jasper

Matthew Gravelle has been quite active in video games as of late, even in the Dragon Quest series as he voiced Gragwort in Dragon Quest Heroes II. He’s also played Ferdinand and the Narrator in Ni No Kuni II, Abelas in Dragon Age Inquisition, and is doing voices for the upcoming Hitman 2. You may also recognize him for his role as Joe Miller in the TV show Broadchurch. In DQXI, Gravelle plays Jasper, the main antagonist to the Luminary and his party.

Lizzie Stables as Gemma

Lizzie Stables is an actress who’s mostly played roles in shorts and TV series up to this point. She’s portrayed Ellie Markell in Doctors, Terry in Zoo Factor, and played a minor role in the 2014 short Captcha. Stables plays Gemma in Dragon Quest XI, the childhood friend, and possible love interest, of the Luminary.

That does it for Dragon Quest XI’s voice actors & voice cast. Where do you recognize Dragon Quest XI’s voice actors from, yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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