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How To Play Hide and Seek in Among Us

imposter hide and seek

How To Play Hide and Seek in Among Us

Ready or not, here comes the Imposter.

During The Game Awards 2022, there was a little something sus in the air, and it wasn’t too long before everyone figured out what it was. A brand new game mode was announced for the popular indie multiplayer title Among Us, one that flips the switch and places the Imposter front and center. Here is everything you need to know about how to play hide and seek in Among Us.

How to Join & Find Friends in Among Us Hide & Seek

among us hide and seek drop down
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Now that there are two game modes, you’ll have to select which one you want to join in the options menu, as well as the rest of the requirements necessary for creating or joining a game.

You’ll need to pick at least one filter so that you can see available lobbies, so choose between Beginner, Casual, Serious, and Expert accordingly.

Among Us Hide and Seek Rules, Explained

The rules of Among Us Hide and Seek are pretty straightforward, as they follow the same basic principles of the original mode, but things are just flipped on their head a bit.

The main differences are that crewmates can now vent, while the Imposter can’t. However, the imposter is known from the get-go, and no emergency meeting will be able to stop them from killing people, meaning they can kill multiple people in a row.

When the Imposter gets close to you, a danger meter fills, turns red, and the music gets loud. This is when you need to run away. When not near an Imposter, you need to complete tasks to make the timer go down. When the hide timer goes all the way down, an event called the Final Hide occurs.

The Final Hide

During the Final Hide, Imposters get a big speed boost to help them chase down the remaining crew members, and a seek map that lets them know the general area of the remaining Crewmates. Anyone who isn’t the killer just needs to hide or outwit the Imposter until the timer runs out.

It’s also important to note that a red ping circle will pop over you every few seconds, giving the Imposter even more of an advantage in the Final Hide.

You can check out a full list of specific changes for this update right down below as well:

  • Map: Change the map!
  • # Impostors: There can only be one, have fun.
  • Crewmate Vision: Adjust how far the Crewmates can see in the dark.
  • Impostor Vision: Adjust how far the Impostors can see in the dark.
  • # Common Tasks: Adjust the number of common tasks. 
  • # Long Tasks: Adjust the number of long tasks.
  • # Short Tasks: Adjust the number of short tasks.
  • Impostor (Private Lobbies Only): You can pick who the Impostor is via a player’s username or select “Round-robin” and let the game cycle through the players who are it.
  • Player Speed: Adjust how fast players are.
  • Final Hide Time: Adjust how long Final Hide is.
  • Max Vent Uses: Adjust how many times Crewmates can use vents in a single game round. 
  • Flashlight Mode: If set to “On”, Flashlight Mode will be activated and all players will have to control a cone of vision. If set to “Off”, all players will have radial vision (they will be able to see in a circle around them.)
  • Crewmate Flashlight Size: Adjust the width of the Crewmate’s vision cone when Flashlight Mode is On.
  • Impostor Flashlight Size: Adjust the width of the Impostor’s vision cone when Flashlight Mode is On.
  • Final Hide Impostor Speed: Adjust how fast the Impostor becomes during Final Hide.
  • Final Hide Pings: Adjust whether or not Final Hide Pings occur during Final Hide, which indicates where a Crewmate is to the Impostor.
  • Ping Interval: Adjust how frequently the Final Hide Ping occurs during Final Hide.
  • Show Names: Show usernames above the heads of players during Hide n Seek. Turning this off can make it more difficult for Impostors to find Crewmates if they are hiding behind certain objects.

That is everything you need to know about how to play hide and seek in Among Us. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out the rest of our helpful guides right down below.

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