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The Father of Superheroes Is Finally Getting His Own Documentary on Disney+

Image Source: Marvel

The Father of Superheroes Is Finally Getting His Own Documentary on Disney+


In honor of comic book legend Stan Lee’s 100th birthday, Marvel and Disney have announced a special documentary about the beloved comic-book creative coming to Disney+ in 2023. While Stan Lee’s 100th birthday is in 2022, the special will be released in 2023; in order to celebrate, Marvel Entertainment has released a short video to announce the documentary.

Tragically, Stan Lee passed away back in late 2018, so he wasn’t able to celebrate his 100th birthday, so hopefully, the documentary about him will be a grand celebration of his life and accomplishments.

When Does the Stan Lee Documentary Come Out on Disney+?

Unfortunately, the exact release date of the Stan Lee documentary has not been revealed yet, with it only listed as having a 2023 release date.

Also, the announcement trailer for the documentary doesn’t give any details about what precisely this Disney+ special will be showing. Instead, it simply showcases some of the many Stan Lee cameos, which, while it may be a part of the documentary, is something that clearly won’t be the only focus of the special, with it likely diving more into the history of the True Believer and his contributions to comic books.

Stan Lee may be well known today for his cameos in Marvel films, but what made him truly famous was his creation and co-creation of classic Marvel characters and teams such as the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and of course, Spider-Man. The Stan Lee documentary has a lot to live up to with what it needs to accomplish, so hopefully, Marvel and Disney are truly up for the task when it comes to Disney+ in 2023.

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