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5 Questions We Have Going Into the White Lotus Season 2 Finale

Sabrina Impacciatore as Valentina with the rest of the White Lotus hotel staff
Image Source: HBO

5 Questions We Have Going Into the White Lotus Season 2 Finale

So man sun soaked questions.

The White Lotus season 2 finale is almost here, and there are still many questions to be answered in this sun-soaked, Sicilian-flavored season. Most characters are in worse shape than when they arrived at the White Lotus hotel, and their paths are still full of unknowns. Here are five questions we have going into the White Lotus Season 2 Finale.

Is Tanya Being Scammed by Quentin?

Image Source: HBO

Since Tanya’s (Jennifer Coolidge) husband Greg (Jon Gries) left, she has been spending most of her time with Quentin (Tom Hollander) in his boat and now in his Palermo villa. Quentin is being suspiciously nice to this woman he just met, and with every episode, it looks more and more like he has nefarious plans for her.

The scam is almost confirmed when Quentin’s “nephew” Jack (who is probably a male prostitute) tells Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) his “uncle” is about to inherit a lot of money. The most probable outcome is that, yes, Tanya is getting scammed by Quentin, and that’s the money Jack is talking about. Quentin has said in the past that he only fell in love once in his life with a straight cowboy from Wyoming. A picture on his villa showed that the cowboy was Greg.

Now that Tanya has had sex with the Italian drug dealer, all this might’ve been a plan so that Greg can brake his prenup, get all of Tanya’s money and share it with his cash-strapped friend Quentin.

Is Harper Cheating on Ethan?

Image Source: HBO

After Harper (Aubrey Plaza) found a condom rapper in their room, she’s been suspicious of his husband Ethan (Will Sharpe). Even if his explanations are what really happened, Harper’s not convinced.

In the last two episodes, she’s gone into the offensive. The talk they have in the last episode where she tells him they’re not attracted to each other anymore is devastating (even if true), so it would make sense if she cheated on him with Cameron (Theo James).

What probably really happened is that she didn’t cheat on her husband, and this is just the way Harper might get his attention (and libido) back. Ethan has already shared how Cameron used to get the girls he liked, so this male-infused competition might be the way to get some sparks back to Harper and Ethan’s sexually-dead relationship.

It looks like she might’ve learned a thing or two about manipulation from Daphne (Meghann Fahy), and she’s going to use it so her marriage gets better and spicier. They’ll leave together and be happier than ever.

Will Daphne and Cameron Have a Happily Ever After

Image Source: HBO

Daphne started the show as what looked like a rich, happy, dumb wife with no interior life who was just there to kiss her husband and have some fun after her second son was born. 

As the show progressed, Daphne has shown she knows much more than it looks and has created her own way of dealing with her husband’s indiscretions, even having some of her own. She might even be the real mastermind in the couple, the person who concocted this vacation so that Cameron can convince the new rich guy Ethan and invest his money with him.

There are hints that Cameron and Daphne could be cash-strapped, and this plan might be the best way to keep living with all the excess and commodities they’ve gotten accustomed to. They’ll leave together, but without any of the money they were hoping for.

Is Lucia Playing Albie So He’ll Take Her to L.A.?

Image Source: HBO

Good guy Albie (Adam Dimarco) started the show getting flirty with Portia, but in the last episodes, he’s been having a torrid romance with Lucia (Simona Tabasco), a call girl his sex-addicted father Dominic (Michael Imperioli) has also slept with. 

When the season started, Lucia and her friend Mia (Beatrice Grannò) were independent, smart women looking to get as much money as possible from these rich, dumb visitors. It’s suspicious that, all of a sudden, there’s a pimp, and Lucia is in trouble. 

The most logical answer is that, yes, she’s playing Albie, so he’ll take her to Los Angeles. Albie always falls for “broken, troubled birds,” and Lucia is playing the part, with the help of his friend Alessio, who is playing the role of the big, bad, dangerous Italian pimp. The fact that Alessio followed them through Sicily after Lucia spoke with a friend at the hotel only makes all this suspicion more probable, as it was herself who coordinated that “attack” on the middle of the road.

Who Are the First Episode Dead Bodies?

Image Source: HBO

The season started with a cliffhanger: Daphne discovers a body in the sea and asks for help. The hotel’s resort manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore), finds out that there are many guests dead. Who might they be? White Lotus’s first season also started with a body, and in the end, it was an accident, so there’s the possibility this time, something similar happened.  

There are many theories about it. Daphne’s expression when she founds the body is not one of recognition, so it must be someone she doesn’t know too well. That fact would save his husband, Cameron, and her vacation friends, Harper and Ethan. 

The best guess might be that the bodies are the Di Grasso men: Bert (F. Murray Abraham), Dominic (Michael Imperioli) and Albie, Lucia, and also his friend Alessio. They all died in an accident.

This theory works this way: on a boat trip, Dominic might’ve not reacted well to the news that his Albie wanted to bring Lucia back to L.A. with him. At the same time, Alessio is trying to fake some kind of menace with a jet ski, and with a mix of incompetence, bravado, and bad sea, the boat and the jet ski crash, and they all die.

It would bring some dramatic irony to the whole season, like in the first season, someone from the hometown would be affected, and the explanation would be more nuanced (and pathetic) than it might look at first. 

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