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How To Access FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Early


How To Access FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Early

A guide that explains how to access the World Cup Mode early in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 has only been in the hands of dedicated fans since the end of September, and there’s already a reported leak for the upcoming FIFA 23 World Cup Mode. Players have been able to access the game mode with a very sneaky method. If you too wish to check out the new game mode before it’s officially released, here’s how to access FIFA 23 World Cup Mode early.

Starting FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Early

To access FIFA 23 World Cup Mode early, follow along with these quick and easy steps:

  1. Launch FIFA 23 and open Ultimate Team.

    In order for the trick to work, FIFA 23 has to be running.

  2. Press the PlayStation button.

    Scroll over to Multiplayer Activities and select it.

  3. Choose FIFA World Cup Online Quickplays and then Start Activity.

    The option is near the very bottom, second to last, just above Volta Squads.

  4. Press the Circle button.

    Don’t choose any of the options that appear right at the start, the ones referring to your FIFA World Cup, Featured Quickplay, and Online Quickplay. Just press the Circle button.

Should the trick still work, you’ll be able to hop into the World Cup game mode early and enjoy any of the 48 teams available. If you’ve been holding off any recent updates to FIFA 23, you have more of a reason to at least hang around until it’s patched.

There you have it: how to access FIFA 23 World Cup Mode early. Be mindful that bugs are likely present considering this game mode hasn’t been officially released yet. For more guides and questions on FIFA 23, check out how to complete Liga Portugal Nuno Santos Foundations objectives, as well as completing the objectives for Liga Portugal Abel Ruiz Foundations.

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