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What Is on Jennifer Walters’ To-Do List in She-Hulk?


What Is on Jennifer Walters’ To-Do List in She-Hulk?

Here is everything that is on Jennifer Walter’s to-do list in She-Hulk.

She-Hulk episode 4 features a lot of really interesting dialogue and scenes, making for arguably the best installment in the series yet. During one of those scenes in particular, we get a brief shot of Jennifer Walters scrolling through a list of things she has to do. Here is everything that is on Jennifer Walters’ to-do list in She-Hulk.

She-Hulk To-Do List in Episode 4

While Walters scrolls through her phone pretty fast, it isn’t too hard to discern what is on her list if you’ve got a little time to scrub through. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about doing that yourself, as we’ve compiled the full list for your convenience below.

  • finalize blonsky injunction
  • prepare guidance language for blonsky inhibitor
  • call: Emil’s parole officer
  • Order highlighters from supply clerk (PURPLE/GREEN)
  • Edit to-do list (2 hrs)
  • meet nikki in the bathroom @ 11:47
  • schedule summer associate interviews 🙁
  • Schedule summer associate outings 🙂
  • Finish Runa paperwork with Pug
  • Buy and read “how to make friends and influence people”
  • Sign up for Big and Tall membership
  • Gym? (lol)
  • Meeting with holliway @ 12:30
  • enter billables
  • enter expenses
  • follow up with blonsky’s soulmates
  • call mom re: dad birthday ideas (Pie of the Month Club?)
  • research landmark privacy cases
  • meeting with Mallory @ 4:30
  • colour code sticky notes
  • order those new Cheetos you saw
  • order more chopsticks
  • stop wasting chopsticks
  • go grocery shopping
  • Drink more water
  • Call: Emil’s parole officer
  • 10 minute meditation
  • Desk Feng Shui
  • Research precedents on likeness IP for Ms. Pete
  • Draft Cease & Desist for Pete v Runa
  • Send Bukowski deposition to managing clerk
  • coffee date with Pug and Nikki @ 5:30
  • Find “direct” contact for Wong
  • Eat 1 homecooked meal this week
  • File discovery request for Kraft v Soule
  • Compile deposition for Lee v Byrne
  • Follow up on Jansen Class-action
  • Finish dating profile

Is Stan Lee in She-Hulk?

The list features some pretty day-to-day stuff, but big Marvel fans will likely notice the easter egg of Compile depositions for Lee v Byrne. This is a reference to Stan Lee and John Byrne, the two people responsible for creating The Sensational She-Hulk comic book series from 1989 to 1994.

Kraft v Soule can also be seen on the list, which refers to David Anthony Kraft (Savage She-Hulk) and Charles Soule (She-Hulk Vol. 3), who also both wrote She-Hulk comics.

That is everything that is on Jennifer Walter’s to-do list in She-Hulk. For more helpful info on the show, including guides on who the Wrecking Crew are, explaining the Twerk scene, and much more, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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