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Halo Developer’s Co-Founder Bonnie Ross Is Stepping Down

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Halo Developer’s Co-Founder Bonnie Ross Is Stepping Down

Co-Founder of Halo Infinite developer steps down due to a family medical issue

Bonnie Ross, the co-founder and Head of 343 Industries, is stepping down and leaving the company. Ross announced her departure in a statement on her Twitter account, citing “a Family Medical Issue” as the reason behind her leave.

“I am Incredibly proud of the work everyone at 343 Industries has done with Halo Infinite, The Master Cheif Collection, the Halo television series, and so much more. It’s been an honor to serve alongside the team for the last 15 years and to be a part of a universe that I love.”

She later goes on to thank the fans and rest assured that “the future of Halo is bright.” Since 2005, Ross has been a part of the Microsoft family for nearly two decades, long before 343’s inception. Over the past few years, several key figures from 343 Industries have left the company. Lead multiplayer designer Andrew Witts departed in March, with Halo Infinite’s head of design, Jerry Hook, leaving in May.

Earlier this year, the first season of the long-awaited Halo television series arrived on Paramount+. The most recent game in the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite, was released on Nov 15. 2021. The highly anticipated forge mode for Infinite is set to arrive in November.

For more about Halo, be sure to search Twinfinite. There should also be some more related content down below that you may find helpful, as well as some other news about the series. For any questions you have about the game that you can’t seem to find the answer to, always feel free to reach out to us in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help.

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