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Marvel Snap’s New Featured Location Allows for Insanely Huge Early Plays

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Marvel Snap’s New Featured Location Allows for Insanely Huge Early Plays

Project Phoenix is the new Featured Location in Marvel Snap.

As the Heroes for Hire season begins to wind down this week, developing studio Second Dinner has hit Marvel Snap players with yet another Featured Location to throw a wrench into their plans. Dubbed Project Pegasus, this new location in the game gives players five extra energy for that turn, and that turn only.

The tagline is “Use it or lose it!” which suggests that players should absolutely make full use of that extra energy before that turn ends, or risk their opponent getting a huge advantage over them. As your max energy only goes up by one with each subsequent turn, getting five extra energy during your first three turns can be absolutely huge, allowing you to play 6-cost cards in those turns when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

In the past few weeks, cards like Mr. Negative and Sera have started to dominate the meta, though the potential of those cards are usually only fully realized if players use Magik to extend the game, thus allowing them an extra turn to push more power onto the board. Project Pegasus lets players drop Negative and Sera much earlier, which will also allow them to play the rest of their cards much more efficiently.

Project Pegasus will be the Featured Location for the next couple of days before it shuffles back into the regular rotation, which means that you’ll have a 40% chance of getting it to pop within this time period.

Marvel Snap is now in closed beta on mobile devices.

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