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Genshin Impact Reveals New Characters Candace, Nilou, and Cyno

Genshin Impact Characters 3.1

Genshin Impact Reveals New Characters Candace, Nilou, and Cyno

Candace, Nilou, and Cyno wil join Genshin Impact in version 3.1.

HoYoverse revealed three new characters that will be released in Genshin Impact likely in the next update, version, 3.1

While the characters coming in 3.0 have a forest theme, the new batch definitely appear to have been inspired by ancient Egypt.

We meet Candace, the “Guardian of Aaru Village,” a hydro character armed with the “Sagitta Scutum” shield.

We then see Nilou, the “Star of Zubayr Theater,” also hydro, armed with the “Lotos Somno.”

Cyno is the “General Mahamatra” and is an electro character armed with the “Lupus Aerus.”

Pretty much nothing else is known about version 3.1 at the moment, besides the fact that it’s likely going to further expand the new Sumeru Region, at least in terms of story if not geographically.

You can find the art for all the new characters below.

If you want to learn more about Genshin Impact, you can read our review and watch the trailer dedicated to Kamisato Ayakaone starring Yoimiyaone showing Sayu, two focusing on Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Kujou Saraone showcasing the Raiden Shogun, one focusing on Sangonomiya Kokomi, one showcasing Thomaone featuring Arataki Ittoone starring Gorouone showcasing Shenheone focusing on Yun Jinone showcasing Yae Mikoanother focusing on Kamisato Ayatoone starring Yelanone focusing on Kuki Shinobu, one showcasing Tighnari, and one featuring Collei.

The game is currently available for PS5, PS4, PC, iOS, and Android.

You can also read and see more about the upcoming version 3.0, on top of the characters and a story trailer for the updatea video on the new Dendro element, and an anime-style trailer.

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