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Fortnite Update 21.50 Unvaults a Bunch of Weapons & Items for Shadow of Phantasm Week


Fortnite Update 21.50 Unvaults a Bunch of Weapons & Items for Shadow of Phantasm Week

Fortnite 21.50 brings a ton of new goodies!

Epic Games has rolled out the Fortnite 21.50 patch, which kickstarts the Shadow of Phantasm week and unvaults a number of weapons and items, as well as ending the Dragon Ball collaboration event from the past couple of weeks.

The news comes via an official blog post on the Fortnite website, which details the Shadow of Phantasm week. The main takeaway from the even for this week is the unvaulting of the Suppressed Assault Rifle, Suppressed SMG, Shadow Bomb and Shield Bubble. Players will need to complete a number of special quests to earn XP during the week-long event, starting at 9am ET today, August 30, and ending on Sept. 7 at 9am ET.

The two suppressed weapons will be available from the ground and Chests, while Shadow Bombs and Shield Bubbles can be obtained from the ground, Chests and Supply Drops. All of them will only be available for the duration of the event before they’re vaulted again.

As the Shadow of Phantasm event kicks off, the ‘Power Unleashed’ quests from the Dragon Ball collaboration event are no longer available. The Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud items are still on the island, albeit at a lower drop rate compared to when the quests we live.

In terms of the other major removal, the 21.50 update also sees Fortnite’s Impostors playlist vaulted for the forseeable future. Epic Games has cited their teams ‘shift(ing) focus to other Fortnite projects’ as the reason for the removal of the game mode, inspired by Among Us.

Finally, the update has fixed bugs such as one in which Health and Shield bars would not correspond with the actual value remaining after taking damage. Another, where the Kamehameha would refill to three full charges when dropped by an eliminated player has also been resolved.

The Fortnite 21.50 update should be available to download now on all platforms.

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