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How to Get Clorthax’s Paradox Party & Steam 3000 Badges During the Steam Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale

How to Get Clorthax’s Paradox Party & Steam 3000 Badges During the Steam Summer Sale

It’s time to earn some badges during the Steam Summer Sale.

The Steam Summer Sale has showcased various games in a unique style that makes the experience exciting. Furthermore, you’ll be able to earn cool badges and solve the mysteries entangled deep in the platform’s collection. Find out how you can get Clorthax’s Paradox Party and Steam 3000 Badges for the Steam Summer Sale celebration.

How To Get Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge

Want to unlock the secrets of the Clorthax’s clues in the Steam Summer Sale? Here’s how to earn the Clorathax’s Paradox Party Badge.

  1. Go to the Steam Store.

    To access Clorthax’s message and clues, click the menu option on the Steam Store and find the menu option with the words ‘Free Fun This Way.’

    Steam Summer Sale

  2. Read Clorthax’s instructions and scroll to the bottom of the page.

    A message from Clorthax will explain the rules of the scavenger hunt. Then, you’ll decipher clues and find a game in Steam’s collection that matches the description.
    After you read the instructions, scroll to the bottom of the page to click a button to begin the activity.

    Clorthax Message in Steam Summer Sale

  3. Solve the first clue.

    The first clue is given to you when you click the button mentioned above. Read the provided information, and you’ll be directed to a specific genre page that includes the game you need to find.
    If you’re struggling to find the right ones, some key features can make the process easier. For example, these particular games don’t have any tags. Additionally, you can spot the correct ones by viewing the videos of the games, which always feature a noticeable eerie filter.

    Genres in Steam Summer Sale

  4. Earn 10 Badges.

    After solving the first clue, a screen will pop up, indicating that you’ve clicked the correct game. Next, press the ‘Go to Quest Page’ button to solve more clues.
    You can only complete this mission by earning 10 Badges (you’ll be given a badge for every clue you solve.)

    Solving your first clue in Summer Sale

  5. Earn Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge.

    If you’ve successfully obtained all badges for the game, you will now receive the Steam Summer Sale prize.

    Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge

How to Get Steam 3000 Badges

Those who want to continue the fun can earn Steam 3000 Badges by simply interacting with the platform during the Summer Sale. Here’s a list of things you can do to achieve these exclusive collectibles:

  • Purchase games: Buy any games during the Summer Sale to get a trading card for every $10 you spend.
  • Browse the Discovery Queue: Don’t want to spend too much money? Explore new games within the Discovery Queue to earn trading cards and badges.
  • Buy or trade for trading cards: Exchange cards in the Trade Forum to complete unfinished sets. If you can’t find the one you are looking for, you can buy the card.
  • Solves clues for Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge: As mentioned before, you will get a badge for every clue you crack.

So, there you have it, this is how to get the Clorthax’s Paradox Party and Steam 3000 Badges for the Steam Summer Sale. If you want to know more about the event, you can check out our guide on the 10 best deals for the Summer Sale. Be sure to also explore additional content by looking at the relevant links below.

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