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How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft

How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft

How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft

So you have decided to jump into Minecraft proper instead of the Dungeons offshoot, and it should be a straightforward affair to get started building the creations of your dreams. Unfortunately, with the randomness that is inherently involved, things don’t always go as planned, and you might find yourself frustrated and making no progress. That is where cheats can come into play in Minecraft, giving players access to all sorts of neat tricks. If you are searching for a guide on how to enable cheats in Minecraft, read on.

How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft: Java Edition

Enabling cheats in this version of Minecraft can be done at any time, and it is actually quite simple whether you are starting a new world or loading a game for a world that is already in progress.

  1. For a new world, open up Minecraft and click Singleplayer.

    Choose the Create New World option.

  2. Enable the Allow Cheats option.

    Minecraft Cheats Java Edition

  3. Click on Create New World.

    This will generate a new playground for you where cheats can be used.

  4. For an in-progress world, press Esc to open up the menu.

  5. Select Open to LAN to access the Allow Cheat option.

    Click on it to turn it on.

    Minecraft Cheats Jave Edition - LAN World

  6. Click on Start LAN World.

    You are all set to enjoy your newfound power.

Once all that is done, cheats are now possible in Minecraft. Simply press T and start typing in the chatbox to use all of the options available to you. Be sure to check out the later portion of the guide where we share some of our favorite cheats.

Do note that once you turn on cheats, they cannot be turned off unless you create a new world entirely, so you have been warned.

How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

If you are playing this version of Minecraft, the process is quite similar as well, and it works on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and mobile versions.

When creating a new world on your chosen platform of Minecraft, scroll through the Game Settings page until you find the Cheats section. Simply toggle on the Activate Cheats option and any other settings you might want to try, and click on Create to start your new game. Do also remember that doing so will disable any possibility of getting achievements.

Minecraft Cheats Bedrock Edition

As for a game that is in progress, pause the game and select Settings. Head down to the Cheats section, and toggle on the Activate Cheats option, and you are ready to go.

Now, you can open up the chatbox and start using cheats that are available in Minecraft. You can also turn cheats off in this version of the game by going through the same process and toggling the option.

Minecraft Cheat Codes

There definitely many options to choose from when using cheats, and if you ever find yourself unsure of what comes next for the command, the game does lend a hand by offering certain suggestions to help you complete it.

Using / help CommandName will provide more information about a specific command.

Game Mode Cheats

  • / gamemode 0: switch to Survival Mode
  • / gamemode 1: switch to Creation Mode
  • / gamemode 2: switch to Adventure Mode
  • / gamemode 3: switch to Spectator Mode
  • / defaultgamemode: Sets the default game mode.

Change the difficulty

  • / difficulty peaceful: switch to Peaceful mode
  • / difficulty easy: switch to Easy mode
  • / difficulty normal: switch to Normal mode
  • / difficulty hard: switch to Hard mode

Change the time of day

  • / time set day: Daytime
  • / time set night: Nighttime
  • / time set 18000: Midnight
  • / time set 12000: Dusk
  • / time set 6000: Noon
  • / time set 0: Sunrise
  • / gamerule doDaylightCycle false: Time stands still
  • / time query gametime: Go back to game time

Change the weather

  • / weather clear: Clear
  • / weather rain: Rain
  • / weather thunder: Rain with lightning strikes
  • / gamerule doWeatherCycle false: Keep current weather

Character-Specific Options

This will affect your character and may need some key elements to be present to work. First, you will need your character name followed by any chosen enchantment, object, or even the in-game ID, then the quantity or level.

  • / experience add
  • / enchant name character name enchantment level enchantment
  • / give charactername objectname quantity
  • / summon name XYZ

Other Useful Cheats in Minecraft

  • / ability: Grant, revoke or query a player’s ability.
  • / advancement: Give, delete or check the progress of the players.
  • / atlantis: Raise the level of water drastically.
  • / attribute: Queries, adds, removes, or sets an entity attribute.
  • / ban: Ban a player.
  • / ban-ip: Add an IP address to the banned list.
  • / banlist: Shows the banned list.
  • / bossbar: Create and modify bossbars.
  • / camerashake: Enable a camera shake effect.
  • / classroommode: Enables the editing of restricted blocks.
  • / clear: Removes items from the player’s inventory.
  • / clone: Copy blocks from one place to another.
  • / code: Access the code connection.
  • / collect: Collect all objects within a block from the Agent in three dimensions.
  • / createagent: Create an agent at the player’s current position.
  • / data: Gets, merges, modifies, and removes data from block entities and NBT entities.
  • / datapack: Controls the loaded data packets.
  • / debug: Start or stop a debugging session.
  • / deop; Revokes a player’s operator status.
  • / dropstore: Drops all inventory items and stores them in a chest.
  • / duplicate: Copy and drop the object that we have in hand at that moment.
  • / effect: Add or remove status effects.
  • / falldamage “: Activate or deactivate fall damage.
  • / fill: Fill a region with a specific block.
  • / firedamage “: Activate or deactivate fire damage.
  • / freeze: Freeze all entities in the game.
  • / gamerule keepInventory true: Ensure inventory is kept after death.
  • / forceload: Force chunks to load constantly or not.
  • / function: Executes a function.
  • / immutableworld: Allows to establish the immutability of a world.
  • / instantmine: Break all the blocks with a single hit with any tool.
  • / instantplant: All plants grow instantly.
  • / itemdamage: Enable or disable wear on objects.
  • / kill playername: Kill another specific player by inputting their name. To kill yourself, use the command as it is.
  • / loot: Drops inventory items onto the floor.
  • / msg: Show a private message to other players.
  • / op: Grants operator status to a player.
  • / pardon: Remove entries from the blacklist.
  • / particle: Create particles.
  • / raytracefog: Adjusts the ray tracing fog.
  • / ride: Converts targeted creature into mounted creature.
  • / save: Prepare a backup, check its status, or summarize it.
  • / save-all: Save the server to disk.
  • / schedule: Delays the execution of a function.
  • / seed: Display code corresponding to the seed of the world we are in.
  • / setmaxplayers: Sets the maximum number of players allowed to enter.
  • / spreadplayers: Teleports entities to random places.
  • / stopsound: Stops a sound.
  • / superheat: Convert all objects to their molten form.
  • / waterdamage: Enable or disable water damage.
  • / worldborder: Manage the edge of the world.
  • / worldbuilder: Enables restricted block editing.

Now that you have a complete understanding of how to enable cheats in Minecraft, you can truly build and play with freedom. In addition, if you are facing the dreaded JNI error, here’s how to fix it, for everything else, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out the links below.

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