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Alterborn Cinematic Trailer Promises Scares and Action

Alterborn Future Games Showcase

Alterborn Cinematic Trailer Promises Scares and Action

Alterborn is set to come to PC and PlayStation in 2023, but has dropped a new cinematic trailer today on the Future Games Showcase.

While the trailer doesn’t give any gameplay, but you can feel the strong sense of atmosphere you can expect.

Steam describes Alterborn as:

Alterborn is a third-person survival action shooter set in a grim, lawless world corrupted by an antediluvian force. You’re an Alterborn, one of the last survivors that eluded death, but not without cost; change overtook you, becoming etched on your very being. You’re set to explore the Shattered Lands, while on a quest to venture into the heart of the curse that plagues you.

If “third-person survival action shooter” doesn’t explain the genre well enough, Alterborn is further explained as:

A unique blend of multiple genres such as soulslike, roguelite, looter shooter and more, mixed in with a plethora of arcade abilities that cause unspeakable mayhem… and fun.

You can see the trailer for yourself here and below:

You can wishlist Alterborn now on Steam, but it won’t be out until 2023 for PC and PlayStation.

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