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Dying Light 2: All Safe Codes

dying light 2 all safe codes

Dying Light 2: All Safe Codes

There’s a lot of loot to collect in Dying Light 2, and while most of it is either lying about on the floor or within containers/trunks that open via a lockpick, there’s some locked inside safes that require a code to unlock. You might have already tried and failed to open them using the old listen for a click sound winding backward and forwards. This is tricky as it does work, but the order of the numbers is hard to work out, so you’ll need to find the solution to each instead. Here’s a guide on all safe codes in Dying Light 2.

All Safe Codes in Dying Light 2

Bazaar Safe

Code: 510

This is likely the first safe you will find, and you can grab its contents after arriving at the Bazaar. The safe is right at the top of the cathedral tower, so it requires some careful stamina management to get to. Once you’re there, there’s a note beside the safe with the code written on it.

Nightrunner’s Hideout

Code: 101

After you discover the Nightrunner’s hideout, you can unlock it by entering a small room at the back and starting the generator. There’s a case here that contains the safe code to open the safe in the previous room.

The First Biomarker Quest

Code: 973

After taking the ‘The First Biomaker’ quest from the Trading Post on the border of Trinity and Houndfield in Old Viledor, read the note from Dr. Katsumi. There are three riddles, and the answer is 973. That’s the safe code you need to enter.

Treasure Hunt Quest

Code: 3, 21, 67

During the Treasure Hunt side quest in Dying Light 2, you are tasked with reading several books, which will reveal that the code to the safe is 3,21,67. You can enter the code in the basement of the Wharf Water Tower in Muddy Grounds.

Downtown Safe

Code: 313

This safe is located in a bandit camp on the western side of Downtown. Since there’s an Inhibitor inside, you’ll be alerted to the safe’s location. You can explore the building further to find the note that reveals the corresponding code, but I’ll save you some time: it’s 313.

Moonshine Safe

Code: 14, 9, 2

This Dying Light 2 safe is technically missable since it is found during the ‘Moonshine’ mission and you will only discover the clue after speaking with an NPC from the Peacekeeper prison who you may have killed previously. Also, the discussion won’t be available if you are hostile to the Peacekeepers. In any case, the code is listed above.

Broadcast Safe

Code: 314

Inside the Garrison Electrical Station is a safe with a note beside it that reads “Approximate Number of Pi” which turns out to be 314. This is a good safe to unlock as there’s a valuable Inhibitor inside!

New Dawn Park Office Building

Safe Code: 10, 28, 64

There is a cabinet near the safe that has an artifact cabinet letter inside which reveals that the code is 459.

Church of Saint Thomas

Safe Code: 444

You’ll need to climb to the very top of the church to find this safe, and it has an Inhibitor inside. We couldn’t find the clue and so we simply listened for the click noise cycling the lock carefully. Since 4 is the only number that clicked, we discovered it was simply 444.

That’s everything you need to know regarding all safe codes in Dying Light 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our upcoming wiki, search for Twinfinite, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

For any other specific questions that you have but can’t find an answer to on the site, feel free to reach out in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to lend a hand.

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