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Narrative Sci-Fi Thriller Minds Beneath Us Reveals New Screenshots

Minds Beneath Us

Narrative Sci-Fi Thriller Minds Beneath Us Reveals New Screenshots

Earlier today, the team at BearBoneStudio’s unveiled some brand new screenshots for their upcoming sci-fi thriller, Minds Beneath Us. Created by a team of just seven people out of Taiwan, this ambitious narrative adventure takes place in a futuristic Asian city and tells the story of Minds Beneath Us is set to follow a data ghost that gets trapped into a body that it doesn’t belong to.

Together, the two must work together and make difficult choices. You can see the new screenshots alongside a story overview below.

Minds Beneath Us” is set in a future society where artificial intelligence is widespread and replaces a large number of jobs. The unemployment rate is growing, slums are forming outside of major cities, everything is getting worse.

In response to this situation, a new industry is born, the computing factory.

By linking large numbers of human brains to generate computing networks, computing factories can easily replace the expensive hardware required by traditional artificial intelligence, a process known as computing supply.

This is an era when the human brain is cheaper than a computer, and although the job pays very little and will be unconscious for years, countless disadvantaged people who have lost their jobs due to artificial intelligence have all devoted themselves to such work.

Against the stage of this mad society, Jason Dai, who works in a computing factory, will go through an adventure with a mysterious consciousness that can control his body.

At the same time, a conspiracy that will bring great changes to everything gradually unveils.

Features for Minds Beneath Us include:

  • Players can constantly make their own dialogue choices, and shape the relationship between characters. The combination of dialogue choices and actions will constantly affect the story.
  • Observe environments, pay attention to each dialogue then look for hidden clues in every scene. Unlock new dialogue choices.
  • With hand-drawn animation and smooth camera movement, we create a unique cinematic experience.
  • Combine 2D character and detailed 3D environment, present the near future Taipei street.

The demo for Minds Beneath Us is also available on Steam and can be found here. Be sure to check back to the site for more coverage of the game, including an impression of the demo later this week.

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