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God of War: How to Get Greater Crest of Flame

greater crest of flame

God of War: How to Get Greater Crest of Flame

This game is absolutely full of important items and substances that can be used to craft and upgrade gear for both Kratos and Atreus, but some can be much harder to obtain than others unless you know exactly where to look. Here’s how to get Greater Crest of Flame in God of War.

How to Get Greater Crest of Flame in God of War

Collect Muspelheim Cipher Fragments

This special item is used for both crafting and upgrading several pieces of armor and it can only be found in the fire realm, Muspelheim. Once you obtain the cipher fragments and complete the travel rune, you’ll be able to travel to Muspelheim using the Realm Travel Room in the middle of the Lake of Nine.

The cipher fragments are found off the beaten path in special silver chests that have skulls on them. The chests look like the one in the image below:

greater crest of flame

You can get to the fire realm very early on in the game depending on how much exploration you do, but it’ll be tough to actually get the Greater Crests of Flame on your first early trip to Muspelheim.

Complete Muspelheim’s Impossible Trials

Muspelheim is essentially a challenge tower on a volcano with six levels. Levels one to five each have one normal trial and one hard trial. You’ll need to complete all five, then defeat the Valkyrie at the very top to reset the trials on the first five levels.

greater crest of flame god of war

After the levels are reset, they’re set to “impossible” difficulty. You’ll have a chance to earn Greater Crests of Flame by completing these more challenging trials, and once you’ve completed three out of five, the trial at the top can be attempted once again. Go through this routine as many times as necessary until you have all the Muspelheim upgrade items you want.

This realm is extremely difficult to get through though, so it’s recommended that Kratos is at least at gear level six or higher on harder difficulties to get to the top of Muspelheim the first time.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Greater Crest of Flame in God of War. Be sure to check out our God of War guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and other useful info on the game if you’re looking for more pointers.

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