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FIFA 22 Is the Best-Selling Game in 17 of 19 EU Nations


FIFA 22 Is the Best-Selling Game in 17 of 19 EU Nations

It’s no great secret that EA Games’ FIFA franchise is among the best-selling of all time. And in Europe, where football (soccer) reigns king as the most popular sport by far, FIFA has found incredible success amongst video game players across all platforms. The extent of that success, though, is still remarkable to behold when reflecting on the data from GFK’s European chart-tracking this week.

As spotted by games industry analyst MauroNL over on Twitter, FIFA 22 was the #1 best-selling game in 17 of the 19 European regions covered by GFK. The figures only account for physical game sales, as is typical of GFK’s tracking, but that still offers a large sample size that indicates the shape of the market and its leaders — of which FIFA 22 is right at the forefront, with Nintendo franchises Mario Kart and Bowser’s Fury just behind.

You can check out the full overview of best-selling games in various European countries in the image below.

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