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Solar Ash Gets Gorgeous & Psychedelic Launch Trailer

Solar Ash

Solar Ash Gets Gorgeous & Psychedelic Launch Trailer

If you were to put Shadow of the Colossus‘s hulking bosses and The Pathless‘s fluid movement into a blender, chances are you’d be left with something that looks a lot like Heart Machine‘s latest action-adventure experience, Solar Ash. And today, the third-person sci-fi platformer is officially out on PC, PS4, and PS5.

To accompany the title’s release, the award-winning Hyper Light Drifter developer has dropped a fresh launch trailer to whet fans’ appetites. Feast your eyes on the brand new video below:

With its bold and vibrant aesthetic, huge and intimidating bosses, and its stylish and unique movement, Solar Ash looks set to be an action-platformer that should likely be on everyone’s radar. Don’t just take it from me, though.

Yes, our very own Omar Banat reviewed Solar Ash recently and loved his time with the game, ultimately awarding it a 4/5, concluding:

If you have a few hours to spend and want to play something that is unlike anything else this year, then Solar Ash is absolutely worth checking out. Anyone who is a fan of the action-adventure genre will no doubt enjoy this memorable experience.

For more information about Solar Ash, click through here to read our in-depth interview with the Los Angeles-based studio. Alternatively, here’s a brief official rundown courtesy of Heart Machine:

Solar Ash is the second game from Heart Machine, the studio lead by director Alx Preston and the creators of the award-winning 2016 game Hyper Light Drifter. 

Players will find a surreal, vivid and highly stylized world filled with wild high-speed traversal, endearing characters, and massive enemy encounters. The Void is calling…

Solar Ash is available to buy now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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