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Star Wars The Mandalorian Collection Features Adorable Grogu Hugger, Traybo, & Plushies

Star Wars The Mandelorian

Star Wars The Mandalorian Collection Features Adorable Grogu Hugger, Traybo, & Plushies

While fans still have to wait a bit to get an update on their favorite adoptive father-son dynamic to return in the Star Wars universe, they can at least get their hands on some adorable Grogu and Mandalorian merchandise while they wait. Created in collaboration with Lucasfilm, furniture retailer Yogibo has created a Star Wars The Mandalorian collection that fans will surely love.

The collection offers fans the chance to get their hands on some really cute gear, including a huge Grogu hugger, a helpful traybo, and a couple of plushies to snuggle up with at night. You can see examples and details about all of the items below.

Grogu Hugger:

Protect this little (big) one at all costs! Made with our signature stretchy fabric and conforming fill, this officially licensed Hugger is the most adorable Force-sensitive friend you’ll ever find!

Inspired by The Mandalorian™, this jumbo sized huggable rendition of Grogu will make a perfect companion to any bounty hunter or Star Wars™ fan!


With an adorable custom illustration on the eco-friendly bamboo top, the Grogu™ Traybo inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian is the perfect accessory for the Star Wars™ fan in your life. Or maybe just for you, who says you have to share!

For those of us who work from home or enjoy using the laptop on the couch, we often have to deal with uncomfortable positioning to be able to type, our legs get over heated, and the whole situation becomes a chore. Thankfully, our Traybo is just the ticket out of those laptop woes. With Traybo you can work on the laptop or tablet with the new built in wooden groove and enjoy the stretchy Yogibo comfort without sacrificing your patience trying to find a comfortable position to do it all in.

If you’d like to get one of these items from the Star Wars The Mandalorian collection yourself, just head on over to the website. You can also check out all of the Star Wars-related content in the articles right down below, including plenty of news, quizzes, and features.

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