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Forza Horizon 5: How to Unlock Goliath Event

forza horizon 5 goliath event

Forza Horizon 5: How to Unlock Goliath Event

The Forza Horizon 5 Goliath event is one of the biggest and best races in the entire game, and has some decent rewards for completing it to boot. If you’re looking to take on this race for yourself, you’re in the right place, as we’ll explain how to unlock Goliath in Forza Horizon 5.

What Is the Goliath Event?

The Goliath event is something that has been in Forza Horizon games for years, offering an enormous circuit of the entire map. It’s the longest endurance race in the game and offers a large amount of Credits and XP for winning. As such, players tend to grind out the Goliath event for easy Credits to help them purchase the most expensive cars or the various houses around the map.

It’s also one of the most enjoyable races in the game, allowing you to see the many different areas of the map in a single race.

Unlocking the Goliath Event in Forza Horizon 5

To unlock the Goliath event, you must unlock the fourth and final Horizon Chapter in the Horizon Festival Mexico stage of the game, shown in the screenshot below.

Forza horizon 5 goliath event

You do not need to have completed every event in the Mexico festival line up before unlocking this. After completing the tutorial section and setting up the Mexico festival, you can immediately choose to unlock the Goliath event once you’ve earned enough Accolade points to unlock the next Horizon Chapter.

Before taking it on, we’d recommend having a high-spec car to use in this to give yourself the best chance of emerging victorious — and keeping the duration of the race under 15 minutes.

Once you’ve unlocked this Horizon Chapter, simply make your way to the Goliath event marker. It can be found on the east side of the map, with a large ‘Goliath’ icon that’s difficult to miss. Make your way here, and then press X when you arrive at the location to begin choosing your car and start the race.

That’s everything you need to know regarding how to unlock the Goliath event in Forza Horizon 5. For more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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