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Diablo 2: How to Get Annihilus Charm

how to get Annihilus Charm

Diablo 2: How to Get Annihilus Charm

The Annihilus Charm is one of the most sought-after items in Diablo 2, including its Reserructed remaster, as it is the best way to maximize the potential of any class in the game. It only takes up one spot in your inventory and it gives +1 to all skills, increases your attributes and resistances, and even gives experience gains as a cherry on top. In this guide, we’ll attempt to break down the complicated process of how to get Annihilus Charm in Diablo 2: Reserructed.

There are two ways to get an Annihilus Charm that differ on whether you’re playing with an offline character or an online character.

How to Get Offline Character Annihilus Charm

If you’re playing offline the process for getting an Annihilus Charm is much more simple. First, play through until you get to Hell and build yourself a pretty badass character. You’re going to be facing off against Uber Diablo, AKA Diablo Clone. He drops the charm and is far more formidable than regular Hell Diablo. He has many times more health and is incredibly resistant to all forms of damage. It’s possible to be completely stonewalled by Uber Diablo if you’re not prepared.

When you’re sure you are ready, acquire a Stone of Jordan and sell it to any vendor. You will receive the message that Diablo Walks the Earth. Uber Diablo will spawn at the next Unique enemy you come across, such as Corpsefire in the Den of Evil or, well, anything that would normally spawn.

If you defeat him, you’ll get an Annihilus Charm, a one-off charm that you can keep in your inventory forever for an EXP boost or a major boost to all your stats.

Online Annihilus Charm in Diablo 2: Resurructed

Technically, the process for getting an Annihilus for an online character is the same, but it’s far more difficult since it’s IP/server-based and a large amount of SOJs — in some cases up to 75 to 120 — need to be sold before Uber Diablo will spawn. Obviously, this is a difficult task for just one person to do, so people often form groups in online communities to try and get it done.

The process is quite complicated and does require some outside of Diablo 2 tools to get it done efficiently. If you’re interested in learning about how you can get involved and get your own online Annihilus Charm in Diablo 2: Resurrected, YouTuber Lucky Luciano has an excellent breakdown that I will share down below and recommend that you check out.

That’s everything you need to know for how to get the Annihilus Charm in Diablo 2: Reserructed. For more Diablo 2: Resurrected, check out some of our most recent guides and articles down below, or read our review for our full thoughts if you’re curious.

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