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Psychonauts 2: How to Rank Up & Get Intern Credit Points

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Psychonauts 2: How to Rank Up & Get Intern Credit Points

Psychonauts 2 is filled with items to collect, zany people to talk to, and things to see. While it’s not a collect-a-thon like some other 3D platformers, since it’s not key to progressing in the game, you do need to collect some things if you want to get the most out of the game. In this guide, we’ll go over how to rank up in Psychonauts 2 and get Intern Credits, AKA points you need to level up your powers. Here’s what you need to know.

How To Rank Up and Get Intern Credit Points in Psychonauts 2

There are lots of things to collect and do in Psychonauts 2 but, fortunately, they all pretty much revolve around one thing: giving you more Intern Credits and ranking up Raz.

When you rank up Raz, either by completing a challenge such as finding all the Figs in a level, or the half-brains, you are awarded an Intern Credit.

The simplest way to explain this system in Psychonauts 2 is that ranks allow Raz the right to purchase higher-level power upgrades, and Intern Credits are the currency you need to actually buy them.

Completing missions and optional missions will rank-up Raz, as will finding all the collectibles in a mind or area, such as Figs, Emotional Baggage, Safes, and more.

In addition, you can convert Psitanium into Psi Cores that can be combined with Psi Cards (another collectible you can pick up in areas), at any OttoMatic vending machine to get even more rank-ups.

While it might seem overwhelming with the amount of stuff that can be collected and things you can do just remember that pretty much all of it is designed to funnel into getting Raz stronger and giving him Intern Credits to choose how he wants to upgrade his powers. Simple as that!

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to Rank Up Raz & Get Intern Credits in Psychonauts 2

  1. Complete missions and optional missions

  2. Collect Figs, Emotional Baggage & Tags, Half-Minds in character minds.

  3. Find Psi Cards and Psitanium to combine and convert into Psi Cores at OttoMatic vending machines.

That’s all you need to know for how to rank up Raz and get Intern Credits in Psychonauts 2. For more tips, tricks, and FAQs answered check out our most recent Psychonauts 2 content right here.

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